Gucci Going Fur-Free

Italian luxury brand Gucci has announced from 2018 it will officially be going fur-free. It has promised to auction off all its remaining fur and donate the proceeds to animal rights organisations.

From SS18, it will no longer include fur on its catwalk.

Other fashion giants have already abolished the use of fur, such as Armani, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Vivienne Westwood. This was after organisations like PETA went undercover to expose what life is like on a fur farm: miserable, stuck in tiny cages, and the intense cruelty of being skinned alive.

One of Gucci’s values is being socially responsible, which is why they promise to strive to do better for the animals as well as the environment.

“Gucci is so visible, so well-known, we need to use that in a positive way.”

Abolishing coyote, mink, fox, rabbit, and karakul is a game-changer in the fashion world. A high-end company as big and influential as Gucci going fur-free will have a rippling effect.

Now that animal welfare has come under the microscope, people are realising that life as an animal is not like the nursey rhyme Old Macdonald Had A Farm, but instead something more sinister. Veganism, once taboo, is now trendy. Everyone is turning away from the meat and dairy industry as well as looking for cruelty-free beauty alternatives. Manmade fibres can be just as luxurious these days thanks to modern machinery. Everyone can look good in pleather and faux-fur.

Murder should not be in the name of fashion.

Hopefully, this will inspire other high-end brands like Chanel to follow suit.


Words: Louisa Eagle

Hashtags: #guccifurfree #murderfashion

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