Gucci’s Soul Scene


Gucci brings a tribute to northern soul with the new pre-fall 2017 campaign. Gucci took a refreshing approach releasing the campaign at a time with fashion brands are currently being slated due to their lack of diverse castings. Casting director James Scully called out numerous brands by scrutinising the way they run the fashion industry all in an Instagram post. He announced how Lavin released a mandate to casting directors about how they ‘do not want to be presented by women of colour’. Balenciaga’s casting directors were also mentioned for not treating models fairly. Scully also mentioned the lack of diversity on Paris catwalks during fashion week.



Images produced were inspired by the iconic photographer of the ’60s Malick Sidibe. Sidibe is known for his black and white portraits in Mali, also his work within northern soul. The campaign was based on the 60’s movement inspired completely by black American soul music. A greater influence was the ‘made you look’ exhibition by the photographers of which greatly explores black masculinity and dandyism. Gucci Campaign was shot by British fashion photographer Glen Luchford with the title ‘soul scene.’ The brand headed in the completely different direction compared to their last campaign.


Gucci’s press release confirmed the inspiration as black art and youth culture. With the bold designs, we see the Italian house taking a small step for diverse models and the issues they face within the fashion industry. Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, is bringing fashion in the right direction and has been working on it for the past two years. With the campaign featuring black dancers as well as models, we can be excited for the future of fashion as the problem of no diversity is finally being addressed. We are able to finally see that opportunities for people of colour seem to be expanding within the industry.


Words: Shauna Hill


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