Having It All, what does it really mean?

A generation has come and gone since feminism told us: women could have it all – a stellar career and a family. But why is that the definition of ‘having it all’? We take a look at some other lifestyles.



Many millennials have been brought up by working mothers and full-time childcare. From the financial aspect alone, this plan can be hard to work out, but it’s a road many women choose to go down. With an average price of around £109 per week for a registered childminder for children under the age of two, childcare can hardly be considered cheap. Often, parents find themselves working long extra hours to make ends meet, eating into their time with their children. For those of us that experienced that as a child, it was perhaps a peek into our futures. While some have chosen to have children later, in the hopes of being in a stronger financial position to either afford childcare or be able to work part time, others have chosen to stop working completely. They choose to be at home with their child and take a more active part in their child’s upbringing.



In 2017, finding a work/family balance is no longer the only consideration for women.  Today, 1 in 5 women are opting for a child-free life. Not to be confused with being childless, in an era when we have more options than those our mothers and grandmothers had available, more women are choosing to forgo motherhood altogether. Often, they choose to excel in their careers in a manner not possible with a dependent. An example of this can be found in Hillary Clinton’s rise to lead the US Democrats in the 2016 US election after her daughter had grown into a completely independent adult.



With the evolution of the blogging industry, there are people paid to travel the world, followed closely by the people they have inspired. There are countless websites, blogs, magazines and books dedicated to those wanting a life shaped by wanderlust and adventure. Type zip lining through the Amazon into YouTube and you’ll find thousands of results.  Can you really maintain that freedom when you have three children under five screaming “MUMMY, I want to go to the beach and make sandcastles!”?



There are many different types of ways to ‘have it all’, don’t you think? To some, living a full life means having a chunk of everything: a family life, a career and the freedom to explore the world. For others, they might want to focus on their careers, and furthermore, a growing number are now interested in long-term travel. It seems to us that having it all can be better defined as having the freedom to choose for yourself.


What does having it all mean to you? Is it a non-stop trip around the world? An international company with a penthouse overlooking the Thames? A large family? Or a combinational of all three? Let us know what you think by commenting below or contacting us on twitter


Having it all, what does it mean to you? Let us know by commenting or @SANTmagazine #havingitall on Instagram!


Words: Kemi Akilapa


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