Healthy Eating Tips Celebrities Swear By

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always manage to look so healthy and fit? Well, you’ll be happy to know that lots of them don’t follow strict diets or health plans religiously, but they do try their best to implement some basic healthy regimes into their daily life for good health! With this in mind, check out these healthy eating tips as recommended by these A-list celebrities!


Drink plenty of water

It seems very obvious, but this is probably one of the most basic yet important tips for keeping healthy! Drinking water is vital to your overall health. When speaking about her health and fitness habits, Jennifer Aniston is quoted to have said: “I always try to sleep for at least eight hours a night, and, of course, water – I drink as much of it as I can every day.” Drinking warm water fills you up, detoxifies your body, and helps significantly with proper digestion.


Eat/drink as many greens as you can

It’s no secret that we often see pictures of celebrities sipping on green juice smoothies or eating a crispy green leafy salad. American actress Alicia Silverstone eats healthy plant-based foods such as kale and Swiss chard, a leafy green vegetable. She claims they give her a clear, vibrant, and youthful complexion – something we definitely wouldn’t turn down! Country singer Miranda Lambert has also spoken out about her love for green juices and smoothies: “With the juice, I feel like I’m getting straight-up vitamins and good food. So, if I don’t eat anything else green that day, I’ve got my greens in”


Keep unhealthy foods out of the house

If you know you’re partial to sweet treats before bed, or any other naughty foods for that matter, make sure that you don’t keep them around the house. Out of sight, out of mind is the saying! So much so that even the singer Katy Perry recently told a magazine that she follows the “out of sight, out of mind” approach in maintaining her healthy eating habits. She has said she is fond of fried foods and potato chips but surrounds herself with healthier options such as grilled chicken, soymilk, fresh vegetables, and anything that is organic in produce.


Take a break during your meals

Instead of eating her meals super quickly, like most of us tend to do with our busy lifestyles, actress Kaley Cuoco gives her food time to digest before finishing off her meal. She has been reported as saying: “I try to eat half. If you have a break for 10 minutes and drink some water, you’re full, and if you’re still hungry, fine, keep eating!”


Scientific research claims it takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to signal its full, meaning that when you take a break during your meal, it gives your brain time to send out signals of fullness before you finish what’s left on your plate.


E! News host Giuliana Rancic shares a similar health view to Cuoco. She has previously said in a magazine interview that she focuses on eating her meals slowly and chewing her food thoroughly: “I am known to scoff down my food and often eat standing up because I’m so busy, and now I’ve learned to be mindful by putting my fork down between bites, and really savour and appreciate that food that I’m putting into my body”.


Practise moderation

TV producer Kelly Ripa swears by eating and drinking things you both need and like in moderation. She has said: “I don’t diet because I feel moderation is key. My guilty pleasure is French fries! Having the mindset that you can eat and drink what you want in moderation is a very achievable and realistic approach to your health and diet. That way you’re not depriving yourself of anything you’d like but you’re also aware of the importance of healthy eating too”.



Words: Lucy Oben-Pepra


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