Do Ho Suh’s exhibition Passage/s at Victoria Miro 


There’s nothing new about London playing host to the world’s most varied exhibitions. Whether your thing is fashion, history, design, nature, or something else, you can be sure to find something worth leaving home for.

Among all the museums and art galleries, Victoria Miro may be one of our favourites. It has two sites: Mayfair and another in East London, between Hoxton and Islington. The outside area of the latter is, by itself, a good enough reason for you to take the tube all the way over there. It has a big and beautiful garden overlooking a stretch of the Regent’s Canal, where artist Alex Hartley’s installation A Gentle Collapsing II can be found. It resembles an abandoned house, filled with trees and other vegetation, built along the canal bank and down into the water.


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If you need more persuading, Do Ho Suh’s exhibition Passage/s is for sure a brilliant motive, but hurry up – you’ve only until 18th March to check it out. Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist famous for his installations exploring scale and malleable materials. Inspired by his nomadic life between the United States, South Korea, and England, where he’s currently living, the exhibition replicates all his previous homes. “I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination. We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces,” he says.

His story of jumping from one place to another to study and work is pretty much our generation’s story: you’re born in one country, go to college in another, and get an internship in a third one. A lot of people have found it easy to relate to his work in this way.


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He works with a combination of thread drawing, gelatine sheets, and handmade cotton paper in his ‘illustrations’, giving them a 2D effect. For the installations, he uses polyester fabric and stainless steel pipes, resulting in a work that’s delicate yet full of detail. Even though all pieces are extremely interesting and curious, what most attracts visitors are the interactive installations, located on the upper floor. There are nine different coloured replicates placed one after another and you can walk inside all of them as if they are just one big colourful house. You can spend ages observing the impressive detail and, like us, wondering how anybody could be so meticulous using just polyester fabric.

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This is sure to brighten up these freezing and cloudy winter days in London.


Do Ho Suh Passage/s Exhibition

Victoria Miro Gallery

16 Wharf Road

Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Free admission




Words: Manuela Rio Tinto


Hashtags: #design #architecture #art

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