How To Recharge Yourself This Spring

Now that winter is finally over, let’s appreciate the season of rebirth and use it as an opportunity to renew ourselves. Nature is awakening. Let’s leave behind us dull and grey days, and let’s get ready to let the light into our lives. Spring is the right time to plan new projects and think of a more positive future. What can we do to recharge, feel good, and glow from inside to outside?

First of all, let’s focus on the environment around us because it’s very important to be surrounded by good energies.

Let’s start with the house.

Have you ever heard of spring cleaning? Well, this is the right time to do it because we are regaining our energy. But what does it consist of? Spring cleaning simply means to clean the house from top to bottom after the long, cold winter.

So look around your house, do a checklist and decide what needs to be done, whether and how you want to rearrange some furniture, etc. It takes time and lots of patience since you need to take care of each room and detail.

Choose the right cleaning products, and consider this as an opportunity to buy new cute boxes, accessories, and whatever else you feel may help in making your home lovely and tidy. Don’t forget to add candles and scents. Look for something fresh and floral which will remind you that outside the flowers are blooming.

While you are busy with spring cleaning, you must not forget to update your wardrobe.

It’s time to put aside dark, heavy clothing, and welcome light fabrics and bright colours. Choose a jacket which will take you through these spring days, and opt to layer lightweight garments to protect you from the often unpredictable weather. Select your favourite pair of ankle boots and flats.

Now it’s finally time to take care of yourself.

Start with getting rid of the toxins in your body. Try to detox by introducing more seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink green tea, which is rich in antioxidants; it really helps in cleansing your body and protect your overall health. Go to a spa for a relaxing day, or try some homemade beauty recipes, such as a turmeric and honey mask that will make your skin glow. If you feel tired and exhausted, exercising will actually make you more cheerful and energetic. So why not join a gym or take a yoga class? Your body will thank you later! Last but not least, meditate. Get rid of all the negative thoughts and be thankful for everything you have. Remember to always think positive, and positive things will happen.

Do you have any suggestions on how to renew and recharge yourself? Have you successfully found a way to be more positive and bring good energy into your life? Share your ideas and experiences with us! Comment below or tweet us at @santmagazine.


Words: Ammy Putzu

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