KFC’s Edible Nail Polish


KFC have given a whole new meaning to the slogan ‘finger lickin’ good’ by launching their own brand of edible nail polish in Hong Kong, to get the public more excited about the brand.

It comes in flavours ‘Original Recipe’, a nude beige colour, or ‘Hot and Spicy’, which is bright orange. The polish is made with natural ingredients that are entirely edible and works just like a normal nail polish, drying into a hard and glossy coat over the nail with flavour that can be licked off.




At the moment, the nail polish is being sold only in Hong Kong and comes in a designer bottle or box for those that can afford it. In Hong Kong, people can taste both flavours and vote on which they prefer, although no information has been released yet as to whether or not the nail polish will be sold on a global scale.


KFC Nail Polish

As you might expect, there is already some controversy surrounding the product, with some people being less than enthused by the idea of picking up a nail sucking habit. A lot of people have labelled it as ‘gross’ or just generally a terrible idea and it’s easy to see why. There’s no doubt that it might lead to a few awkward situations when you make eye contact with a stranger sucking their fingers in public, but so far there’s not a lot to say about any medical consequences.


In hindsight, if all goes well and the product doesn’t end in a couple of lawsuits, edible nail polish might become a more common thing. Maybe our favourite colours will come in crazy flavours and we’ll all be licking our hands in public in a few years’ time.

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Words Alicia Hempsted

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