“Khloe Cares” for Homeless Women

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Khloe Thompson is a nine-year-old girl living in Southern California who is studying at elementary school. You might say she’s just an ordinary little girl, but Khloe’s definitely got something incredibly special about her: a great and sensitive heart. Even though she’s still so young, she has, in fact, already set up her own charity initiative, called “Khloe Cares”, through which she makes and passes out colourful handmade bags to homeless women.


Not only does she sew the bags with the help of her grandmother, she also fills them with all the common necessities for women. This includes shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products. As explained by the bighearted Californian girl, the bag is a useful accessory in everyday life, “I would think they could have a nice, sturdy bag so that they can keep forever and it wouldn’t just break like a regular plastic bag”.

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The inspiration came from seeing homeless women in her neighbourhood. One day she asked her mother how those people got there, living in the streets of her city but when her mum told her the truth, Khloe felt sad and realised she wanted to find a way to help them. Khloe’s mother, Alisha Thompson, was a little bit nervous when her daughter revealed the project to her but once she had thought about she agreed. In the end Ms Thompson was amazed by the way Khloe approached homeless people: “Thankfully, Khloe has something about her where people really warm up to her quickly. She always makes sure she introduces herself, she makes sure that she tells them what she’s giving them and I make sure I stand close enough so that they know her mum is here”.

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It’s the gratitude that these women show that is Khloe’s greatest satisfaction. “Sometimes they give me hugs, sometimes they say «God bless you», and then they say, «Thank you» or they’ll do just all of those three”, explained Khloe. Everyone was moved by Khloe’s kindness until one day the situation turned around: a homeless woman touched Khloe simply by saying “You make me feel like a human being”. Khloe is just a little girl but already a model of rare sensitivity, something that’s sometimes missing in this fast-paced world. It seems like people never have time to stop for a second whilst they are caught up in their busy lives and think of those who really need help but Khloe has a pearl of wisdom for everyone “Don’t be so afraid of them, they’re just normal people like you!”.

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Keep up to date with Khloe’s initiatives at: https://www.facebook.com/KHLOE-CARES-188845751449771/



Words: Federica Caiazzo

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