The LBD (Little Black Dress): Why Women Love It


Ladies, we’ve all been there before. A big night out is coming up, and you want to look your very best to impress. You’ve spent far too much time browsing all the clothes rails in pretty much every shop, and yet you still haven’t found anything that grabs your attention. In times like this, there is only ever one outfit that will meet your every fashion style needs: say hello to the little black dress.

Otherwise known as the LBD, this dress offers exactly what its abbreviated initials stand for: a short and particularly fitted black dress which is worn specifically on special, dressy occasions such as a night out (particularly for party events) or for a sophisticated dinner party. Between us women, we all know that the LBD is a pretty safe choice when it comes to choosing an outfit for a special occasion. What we want to break down to you is what makes the LBD such a great, yet simple but still a versatile outfit. Praise the LBD!



Surely this point should be enough in itself? Most of us wouldn’t mind looking a couple of pounds slimmer, and the LBD is the perfect outfit choice for achieving exactly that. For example, its black colouring is scientifically proven to create the illusion of slimming down an object because it doesn’t reflect light.

Victoria Beckham in a stylish LBD

Classic yet simple look

Although the LBD is a block colour, the dress will instantly provide you with a stylish and sophisticated look. Not convinced? The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been seen wearing an LBD.

Accessorise your LBD with no limits

The simplicity of the style of dress means that your accessories palette can be unlimited when it comes to colour, design, prints, and textures. From a multi coloured necklace to tribal-print earrings, adding that extra bit of colour and design to an LBD is an easy way to inject some of your personal character into your outfit.

Renowned style of dress worn amongst celebrities

We’ve all seen a lot of female celebrities wearing LBDs both in the past, present, and what’s sure to be the future too.  From Jessica Alba to Jennifer Aniston, we’ve seen each celebrity wear the LBD in different textures and cuts, showing just how versatile the LBD outfit can be.

The LBD also matches any shoe choice!

Strappy sandals or peep toes? Wedged heels or the sexy stiletto? As a general rule, the LBD lends to most styles and designs of shoe.  No need to go shoe shopping… unless you want to!

Explore and experiment with your makeup choices

Just like with your accessories, experiment with your makeup. Most makeup colours and shades will suit your LBD as black goes with every colour, so don’t hold back.



Words: Lucy Oben-Pepra


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