This Lingerie Designer Proves Everyone Deserves to Feel Sexy

Jasmine Stacey was 20 years old when she had surgery for Crohn’s disease, something she’s been living with since she was just ten. Having the surgery meant that Stacey would have to wear a stoma bag for the rest of her life. Being young and not knowing anyone else with a stoma left her feeling insecure and anxious. But soon after, a new determination was born and she began to channel her insecurity into doing something constructive.



Now, at 25 years old, Stacey has her own line of lingerie called the Jasmine Stacey Collection. This lingerie was designed for women who are living with ostomies, or who have scars or stretch marks so that they can feel confident and sexy. The inspiration came from the fact that there was nothing else like that out there and Jasmine felt determined to help women in her situation love their bodies again. She said in a recent interview, “I want to take the stigma away from having a stoma bag and prove you can still be sexy with underwear.”



The collection includes bras, bodysuits, and high-waist underwear all designed for the comfort of people with stomas. The lingerie works to cover, conceal, or support a stoma bag whilst looking trendy at the same time. And as if that isn’t inspiring enough, the models who showcase her designs have ostomies, so the lingerie has a realistic representation of what it looks like on its intended audience.


And the nice thing is, you don’t have to have a stoma to wear Stacey’s designs. Women with scars and stretch marks can also rock this lingerie and boost their confidence in their own bodies. Made from British silk, the lingerie hugs the skin and provides maximum body comfort.



Stacey explained in her interview to The Mighty, “We hope our underwear empowers women to feel confident whether they have stoma bags, scars, or simply want more stomach control.”


The success of the Jasmine Stacey Collection has been incredible. Recently featured on BBC Three’s ‘Amazing Humans’ (here with model Lydia Charlotte Andrew and photographer Daniaal Khalid), Stacey’s incredibly inspiring lingerie line has created quite a buzz, and ultimately, it has proven to be an enormous confidence boost to young women struggling with their ostomies.



The response online to the Jasmine Stacey lingerie collection has been incredible:


Rosee Gidvani said, “I used to have a colostomy due to Crohn’s. Wish these were about then. Great idea.”


Victoria Smith said, “These women are truly beautiful. I mean, not only on the outside (they look gorgeous) but to me, it shows in them being so strong and inspirational. Sexy fighters who will not give up, not on life, not on themselves. Isn’t that beauty?”


Jo-Anne Whyman said, “Amazing product to help women feel normal with a part of them they have to have. Brilliant idea.”


Leah Smith said, “Good on her! Anything that can give you more confidence in your own skin should be applauded. We need more people like this.”


Victoria said, “This is so lovely and inspiring! Feels great to look up to somebody who also has the same disease as me.”


You can find the full collection in the online shop here.



Words: Saima Khalid


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