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Appearing at London Fashion Week is undoubtedly an aspiration of designers world over, but the designer showrooms were very much graced by the presence of Irish milliner Laura Kinsella. Although pieces were displayed at the prestigious International Fashion Showcase in London in 2015, Laura was really excited to be welcomed to her first London Fashion Week this year.


Despite her Irish heritage, Laura has refined her skills internationally through her work in Melbourne and Mexico, where she worked under designer Alexandra Quesada. Before developing and launching her own range of millinery in 2013, Laura had specialised and graduated in womenswear. But returning to Ireland Laura interned with Irish milliners as well as Philip Treacy in London and found her true place in tailored millinery.




Offering exquisite and bespoke pieces Laura’s brand certainly delivers to those dressing to impress and stand out from the crowd. As fashion magazine ‘In The Fold’ notes her abstract headwear explores structure and space – investigating hiding and revealing the face. Quite evidently the pieces are produced using only the finest materials and artisanal techniques.




We were fortunate enough to actually speak to Laura about the production and running of her business. Each swirl and layer of coiled fabric are shaped and manipulated by hand. Similarly, it is also dyed and assembled by hand. In conjunction with designing the products, Laura also crafts them too. Whilst she has an amazing team who each specialise in a part of the manufacturing- the overseeing and general production also lies with Laura. So it is easy to see why peak season, or ‘silly season’ – which begins in May – as Laura has deemed it, is so exhausting.


Over 70% of sales are on custom made items. The production of one large piece comprises two or three days, yet is usually spread across about our weeks. So race season – which spans throughout the summer and extends into Autumn with a large event in the racing circuit being the Irish Champions Weekend – is extremely demanding for Laura and her team. Laura works with just three other experts, so manages virtually all areas of the business, including the marketing and accounts. She is very much the modern milliner, balancing a company whilst still producing such unrivalled collections.


On top of all of this, Laura has further struggles owing to being situated in Dublin, rather than a larger more global fashion stage, like London. But she wouldn’t change the live and bubbly Irish life and is proving with her domination into this year’s London Fashion Week, that England and in fact the world is truly inspired by such fashions.


Laura knows all too well that something needs to be ‘Famous Abroad’ before it will be welcomed at home, as clients often seek conservative and subtle pieces, rather than more outlandish and experimental pieces. Perhaps with the ever growing success and status of Laura Kinsella, Irish brides, race goers and the fashion elite will delve into more eccentric pieces in order to showcase Laura Kinsella at her artistic height and bring the company to new heights. Here at SANT Magazine we are truly excited to follow the ascension of Laura Kinsella and wish her and her team every success.


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Words: Steph Ryan


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