London Fashion Week Review: Mimi Tran

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You may not have heard of this designer yet, but you will, soon. . .

The lights went down, the room went black and silence fell over the crowds at one of the first shows of London Fashion Week. The room buzzed quietly with expectation, and everyone was peering their heads towards the start of the catwalk. In the darkness, a model stepped out and struck a pose. All the audience could see was the shimmering of glitter from her outfit, as she stepped into place. The atmosphere in the room was electric. Suddenly, the lights were switched on, the music started pumping and the room was pulsing with energy.

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The young model strutted her way coolly and confidently down the catwalk, her glimmering gold and black playsuit glittering in the light, taking the audience by surprise. If there’s one thing to know about a catwalk show, it’s that the first model is always the most important one, because she sets the mood and character of the show for all the other models. And this was a statement. The gorgeous gold and black playsuit was followed by a similar peplum version, then out came the short dresses, each one black with pops of colour in the form of appliquéd flowers. A mix of daring V-necks and high round necks were presented, mixing conservative designs with edgier, more modern pieces. Sheer panelling was key, with beautiful detail layered on.

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The long dresses brought with them a new technique of colour seemingly painted onto black fabric. Though perhaps not as successful as the first bold designs, the long-line dresses showcased Mimi Tran’s experimental style with modern shapes – the poplin collar, the thigh split and the one-sided skirt over shorts. These were followed by a beautiful suit and dresses which were sheer panelled with appliqué flowers on the black, reminiscent of a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen design. They were a perfect mix of femininity – graceful but strong with an edge of darkness. The outfits were paired with Valentino-esque heels defying the rule that open toes are just for Spring/Summer.

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The bridal clothes continued the previous theme of sheer material covered in embellishment with audacious thigh-high lengths and splits. The shapes were modern and youthful, bringing an element of fun to what can be an over-done category within Fashion Week. The design for the finale showed off the embellished flower look in a subtle statement with beautiful detailing around the hem of the dress.

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Mimi Tran is designing clothes all young girls will want to wear. She is reaching a new sense of strong femininity with a powerful edge. You may not have heard of her yet, but Mimi Tran is a powerful designer force, building up lots of excitement across London Fashion Week. Her modern and cool designs were worn with such ease and confidence by the models, making every girl in the room want to wear what they wore. And isn’t that the sign of a successful designer? Definitely one to keep an eye on for the future!


Words: Sarah Yellowley


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