London’s First Modest Fashion Week

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It is not very often that new and more inclusive developments occur within the established spaces of the fashion industry. However, in recent times, the modest fashion movement has gained successful momentum in many respects, from modest fashion designers being featured in major fashion week schedules to the hijab becoming visible in various fashion advertisement campaigns.

In its latest endeavour, the movement has seen the inauguration of its most triumphant accomplishment with the launch of London Modest Fashion Week. Held on February 18th and 19th, the milestone event is the first of its kind to be celebrated on a large scale in one of the world’s principal fashion capitals, and worked to effectively unite emerging local and international fashion designers and bloggers alike.

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Hosted by Haute Elan, a leading global e-commerce site for modest Muslim fashion, the event spanned over a two day period which coincided with the British Fashion Council’s official Autumn/Winter 2017 London Fashion Week. Staged against the backdrop of the emblematic Saatchi Gallery, one of London’s top innovative forums for contemporary art, the setting for London Modest Fashion Week quickly established the pioneering nature of the event.

As an exciting new addition to London’s fashion calendar, the event showcased the collections of over 30 modest fashion designers from around the globe and incorporated the new see-now-buy-now shopping model which has now been adopted by seasonal runway shows. Along with all the usual features of fashion weeks, London Modest Fashion Week also included panel discussions from modest apparel experts, investor workshops for aspiring brands and pop-up stores, all of which ensured that the event was a fashion experience like no other. With some of the biggest names in the modest fashion scene on the guest list, including Dina Tokio, Mariah Idrissi, and NabiilaBee, the event also promised the chance of networking and learning from the industry’s most prized influencers.


Though modest fashion weeks have and continue to occur in prominently Muslim populated cities, for example Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week and Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, London Modest Fashion Week marked the first time modest fashion designers showcased their collections in the British capital and created a platform upon which such designers could connect with the established London fashion scene. The event successfully raised awareness for the modest fashion movement on a domestic level, and brought the elegant and cultural qualities which lie at the centre of the industry to mainstream attention. As a fashion forward event, London Modest Fashion Week stands as an example of the bold and progressive developments that are needed to achieve a more comprehensive world of fashion.


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Words: Sameeha Shaikh


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