London’s Top Juice Bars




With the nation’s love for liquid nutrition increasing, we thought we’d blend up some of the best places in town to grab a juice.


  1. Joe & The Juice Bar

Hampstead, Soho and Oxford Circus



Joe & The Juice Bar is much more than just a place to hangout whilst getting your quick health fix. It has an upbeat, lively atmosphere with lots of tunes playing pretty loudly. The friendly bar staff here possess a certain type of laidback-cool vibe.

In terms of their juices, some of their most popular options are the ‘Pick Me Up’, a raspberry, banana and apple juice, the ‘Go Away Doc’ that contains apples, carrots and ginger – all great for maintaining your wellbeing – and ‘Hangover Heaven’ with orange, elderflower and mint. Delicious.

The seating arrangement at Joe & The Juice Bar is relaxed and comfortable, with an option of leather sets, or cosy sofas. There is plenty of space to chat, work and chill out.

Although their juices are delicious, they don’t have a particularly broad range of green juices to pick from. Their ‘Arth, Away’ juice is the nearest juice they have to an all-green, but it does make a great selection for those wanting a quick energy boost.



  1. Juice Baby


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Every nutritionist, healthista and yogi comes to this juice bar! Juice Baby uses only high-quality, certified organic ingredients in their juices and smoothies.

The bar’s décor is minimalist with their simple black and white colour pattern and sharp, almost clinical, lighting. They have put up some beautiful chalkboards on their walls too.

Want a Juice to help you feel cleansed? Try ‘The Green Glow’ that contains apple, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, lemon and ginger – the ideal juice for cleansing and detoxifying your body.

If you prefer a juice after a workout or after an intense session of studying, try ‘The Chai Spiced Maca’ which includes figs, bananas, maca, chai spice, pink Himalayan salt, cinnamon and coconut nectar.




  1. Supernatural

Canary Wharf, Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus


Dan Thompson, a creative and successful mixologist, realised his interest and passion for juices was more than just a trend, and so he launched Supernatural.

‘The Forever Young’ juice is delicious and consists of kale, beetroot, mint, celery, carrot and alkalising aloe vera that is great for helping with digestion.




  1. Juice Tonic



The owner of Juice Tonic (who is a nutritionist and health coach), has put together a juice menu that is guaranteed to fix almost any health problem. All you health addicts will be happy to know that organic produce is a priority at this juice bar, unlike some other competitors. One of the cool things about this juice bar is that they’re big on their consumers customising their drinks and have a range of add-ons to pick between. Green superfoods and botanical boosters are a popular choice among costumers.

The ‘Green Power’ smoothie makes a good recommendation from their menu. It contains freshly pressed organic apple juice, banana, pineapple, kale, maca, hemp protein, spirulina, chia seeds and xylitol! This rich green vitamin-bursting juice tastes super healthy, it’s full of fibre and protein. Just super.



Savvy Choice

Avoid choosing only sweet fruits when it comes to picking your perfect juice drink and try to include a green, leafy vegetable too for variety. For a tasty, filling and nutritious breakfast, why not try a smoothie with protein powder, nut butter or superfood boost, and nut milk.


Stay Cool

The cold-press method, in which no heat is applied to the process, ensures nutrients, vitamins and minerals remain uncompromised – and stay delicious!



Words: Lucy Oben – Pepra


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