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Look into your fridge and you’ll probably see cow’s milk. In your wardrobe, you might find a leather jacket, and in your medicine cabinet, you’ll most likely find boxes of pills. Am I right?

How many of us are using hemp? Hemp is one the biggest gifts from Mother Nature. 100 grams of hulled hemp seeds supply 586 calories. At 5% water, 5% carbohydrates, 49% total fat and 31% protein, hemp seeds are notable for providing a mighty 64% of the daily value of protein per 100 gram serving. From hemp milk to protein supplements, it’s one of the most resourceful renewable sources, but why isn’t it used more? With the potential to treat illnesses such as epilepsy and cancer, not to mention its environmentally friendly use for textiles and agriculture, it’s depressing that it’s not more widely used. It’s no surprise that we’re hearing more about the benefits of the power plant now during the movement to clean living on a global scale.


Lost on Green Mile is enjoying the benefits from the maximising the capabilities of the planet friendly plant in their lifestyle brand. When the health of the planet and its inhabitants are living through dire times, with a range including soap and rucksacks, Lost on Green Mile is a brand to keep your eye on. We talked to the founder Mr Lost on the Green Mile to learn more about the brand and their plans for the future.


How did Lost on Green Mile start? How long has L.O.G.M been operating?

I moved to Amsterdam after being down St Anne’s, Jamaica way in March 2014 which was a big vibes.

Down there, aside from being in music, I was a bud tender selling cannabis and seeds at the greenhouse coffee shops. Big up all the family down there, the strain hunters and rest in peace my old boss Franco. I really give thanks, I got to know such a legend personally, one of the shops I worked in was on the street Oudezijds Voorburgwal (OZ) the road from OZ to Amsterdam Central station.

Back in the day was known by the locals as ‘green mile’, because it had the most coffee shops selling cannabis in the world in that one mile. As I was at work August 2014, I came up with the name Lost on Green Mile because that day I did feel lost on green mile, it was mad how it all went…


How would you describe the brand?

A unique lifestyle brand making everything from hemp / a musical movement / record label / a studio in St Ann’s with an under 16 musical workshop.  It’s hard to break it down as there is a lot going on, which we really give thanks for…

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What was the inspiration?

Life. Live life to the maximum so the journey of life is my inspiration. I’m living a movie and believe everyone should live to the maximum, give thanks for life… blessings


What’s next on the cards for the brand?

Next month, we’re putting out the video for hemp plastic, which I look forward to.

We been on it for a while and we got a real don dadda to narrate it, can’t wait for the people to start taking it in… Blessed vibes and the Lost on Green Mile studio in Pineapple St Anns Jamaica is finished, and will be opening the doors summer 2017.

We’re going to open it doing a kids’ treats day, so the families from all round the parish will come down, gonna set up the sound system and play tunes and give out back to school stuff for the youth.


See the full range by Lost on Green Mile on their website.


Are you a hemp enthusiast? Or a recent lover of Lost on Green Mile? Either way let us know what you think of the brand on Twitter at @santmagazine


Words: Kemi Akilapa


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