Love Island Outfits: Yay Or Nay?

Love Island took over the nation’s TV this year quicker than it took Tyler to get over Jonny and boy do we already miss it. But have no fear, as, for all of you hardcore fans out there who can’t quite let go of the show just yet, you can now dress up like the contestants thanks to the @loveislandoutfits Instagram. Before you go filling your baskets with goodies we thought we would give you some expert advice on what’s hot and what’s not.

Firstly, anything worn by Jess is a no go for us, unless it’s a mask of Dom’s crying face… but swiftly moving on, let’s get to the important stuff.



In the villa, the main item of clothing were bikinis so let’s dive straight into which work and which need to be dumped out at sea.



The £215 crochet trim triangle bikini is one to have this summer whilst you’re partying it up in Marbella like Love Island’s Danielle and although the price is a little on the steep side you can grab yourself a bargain on for just £20.



The mermaid look is a little 2016 so if you’d rather not be the most hated girl around the pool we’d probably advise that you stay well clear of Tyler’s outfit choices.


No matter how good they all look in their bikinis, it is nice to see them with a few more clothes on in the evening to get some inspiration for your next girls’ night out.



Unfortunately, our dear Montana fell victim to expectations with her Pretty Little Thing co-ord on the show and exposed her to a very near camel toe incident which was thankfully avoided. Take our advice and leave the co-ords in the past, especially ones resembling that…



Another one that we had to divert you from committing fashion suicide with is Amber’s Zara yellow flared pants. We don’t know if Amber got the memo or just completely lost all sense of time in there, but we are in 2017 now and not the ’60s.



Gabby’s simple yet stylish jumpsuit is the one to go for from ASOS to get that killer catwalk look during both summer and winter. Easy to dress up or dress down, jumpsuits really are a god send and an essential to have in the wardrobe this year.


Finally, we can’t forget the sunglasses!



You need to avoid the bug-eyed look at all costs. Yes, we are talking about Olivia with her giant fly-like sunglasses. Opt for Amber’s stylish cat eye shades in rose gold instead. They are completely in this season after numerous celebrities have been seen in them, including Kourtney Kardashian.



Words: Steph Hazlegreaves


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