Making Pancake Day a Springtime Christmas

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For some, the post-Christmas anticlimax is too much to bear. Months pass until we have anything significant to celebrate in groups, which is why we need a cultural gathering to take place that has all the cosy and welcoming elements of Christmas, including good food, people, and presents. We need this day to mark halftime between now and the next major celebration, Easter.

Make Pancake Day, which falls on the 28th of February this year, a second Christmas to bring some cheer to the remainder of the miserable winter months! Don’t mark this day with a half-hearted flip of an undercooked pancake. Make it a day to remember with a pancake party!

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If friends and families can have one, two, or even three Christmases, why can’t we make Pancake Day a second Christmas of sorts? And since it is a second Christmas, the culinary needs of all your guests need to be catered to, which means producing sweet, savoury, and even vegan options for your pancakes. SANT suggests a buffet selection of a variety pancake combinations. By recruiting a number of your closest guests to help out, there is little reason to find the event stressful.

Banana Pancakes- simple but delicious, if you have a blender all the better. For three people, blend one banana, two eggs, a quarter print of milk and a couple of handfuls of flour. What is great about pancake mix is that measurements do not matter much, if there are more than three people and you don’t have measuring utensils, use your initiative and add as much or as less of the ingredients as you think right.  Add Greek yogurt, golden syrup, blueberries and/or raspberries for a luxurious culinary combination when cooked.  Dark chocolate also works well with this pancake dish, place a few squares on top of the golden syrup drenched pancake and serve.

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Nutella Pancakes: drizzle the spread on top of crispy golden pancakes and watch it melt.

Lemon and Sugar Pancakes: the pancake has to be cooked to perfection to let the simple additions shine through. Preheat the pan, and then turn it down to a low heat. Use coconut oil in the pan for a healthier and more fragrant pancake.

Vegan Pancakes: Planet Organic has produced a great plant based egg alternative called VeganEgg. Mix the powder with half a cup of cold water, and whisk along with the usual pancake mix ingredients. It gives off the same rich eggy aroma and consistency, and the pancake remains crispy and delicious.

Savoury Pancakes: here’s your chance to get really creative. For example, go for the French Gruyere cheese and ham crepe. For the best result, combine Normandy salted butter (available at Marks & Spencer) in the pancake mix for a richer taste, then add good quality ham. Add grated Gruyere towards the end of cooking.

Leftovers Pancake: if you really want to get adventurous with your pancake party, simply add leftovers. If you have some lamb tagine from last night’s dinner, or some mozzarella and tomatoes, try it out! The pancake base is simple, so making it spicy with Moroccan lamb may not be as weird as it sounds. Try serving it with Greek yogurt and roasted peppers on the side. The pancake should act as a sort of sandwich, flatbread, or general base to whatever you decide to add to it!

Preparing the batter for the Hungarian Palacsinta Cake.

For drinks, why not try serving elderflower infused gin and tonics? It will be too late for mulled wine and cider, but too early for fruity cocktails. Decorate with spring flowers, including snowdrops and Welsh daffodils. Finally, organise a spring Secret Santa, where each guest is required to bring a small but thoughtful gift for another.


So there you have it: food, presents, great company, and booze. We all deserve to have a second spring Christmas!


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Words: Annie May Byrne-Noonan


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