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Tomboy Chic vs Ultra Feminine Flare

Personal style plays a huge factor in the way that we view ourselves. It’s a bold form of self-expression, like wearing your personality on your sleeve, literally. What we choose to put on our bodies can affect our state of mind and even alter our mood. And as they say, first impression impressions count for a lot.

The phrase “dressed to kill” gives the impression that our clothes give us a certain power. That power comes in many different forms, through the individuality of style. Whether you’re more “snails and puppy dog tails” or “sugar, spice and all things nice”… the goal is to feel at home in your style. Find what gives you that sense of confidence. The beauty of style is that it’s ever changing so you never have to choose just one look. Ultra Feminine style will turn every head with it’s polished glamour. On the other hand, the more understated and unfixed style of Tomboy Chic has a certain allure of mystery.

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Tomboy Chic:

The evolution of women’s fashion has come such a long way, from a time when women weren’t even allowed to wear trousers. Now, androgynous trends have swept through street style and fashion weeks everywhere. Tomboy Chic is a cool, relaxed look that’s a bit rough around the edges. The silhouettes can be loose fitting and comfortable, or well tailored and structured for a more classic appeal. Forget the heels (finally) and trade in your stilettos for sneakers or a handsome pair of loafers, (or for a more utility twist, try combat boots.)

Other essential pieces to achieve Tomboy Chic include a pair of boyfriend jeans, a crisp button-down shirt, a blazer or bomber jacket, a classic white T-shirt, and a tailored pair of slacks. Layering these basics with statement pieces and accessories adds to the quality of the look. The individuality of this look lies in the details. Adding bright pops of colour gives a playful touch, or try a snapback cap to accessorize. When wearing jewellery go for chunky, trendy and bold.

Ultra Feminine Flare:

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Ultra Feminine Flare is about embracing your femininity without sacrificing your strength. Women can be complex creatures, and with that comes the ultimate combination of sophistication, sweetness, sass and sexiness.

When putting your look together, pick a focal point and go from there. With this look, balance is key. If you have legs for days go for the mini skirt and pair it with a ladylike blouse and turn to fabrics such as silk or lace to add a romantic quality. Feathers, embroidery and embellishments are all very delicate details, portraying innocence and vulnerability. Here is also a look where your endless supply of shoes comes into play. Shoes that should always be in your closet are the basic ballet flat and the pointed-toe pump.

Wardrobe essentials for Ultra Feminine Flare include a flowing maxi dress, a Victorian blouse, a classic A-line skirt, the little black dress of your choosing, and a well fitted bra. For the final touch, adorn yourself with jewellery, whether you choose a statement piece or dainty layering.


Creating something new is what fashion is all about. Find a signature look that best suits you or simply dress to match your personality. Although these are contrasting concepts, try experimenting with a combination of both. Add casualness to your structure or mix unlikely fabrics (such as leather and tulle as pictured below).

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Words: Jordan Magee

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