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London is a place where you can find everything and there is nowhere better and cheaper for the hunt for whatever you are looking for than a good old-fashioned market! Whether you are searching for bric-a-brac, clothes, antiques, furniture, and food or just to pass the time. There is most certainly a market for you in London.

Brick Lane Market:

Brick Lane is the soul of London’s Bangladeshi community and as a result, it is known for its Anglo-Asian cuisine; from spices, exotic vegetables, Bengali sweets and an array of aromatic spices. If you fancy a Ruby Brick Lane is a good starting point. Continue down the market and be prepared to find vintage clothing and local works of art among the stalls. Sunday is certainly the best day to visit as it is the largest day for the market.


Alternative clothing and quirky jewellery can be found here. In all honesty, this makes the list for a particular reason; FOOD! Yes, Camden has budget foods from all over the world; Ethiopian, Columbian, Jamaican, Spanish, Turkish, Peruvian, Indian… you name it they have it. Well worth a visit any day of the week.

Portobello Road Market:

Right in the centre of the wonderful Notting Hill resides Portobello Road Market- the streets come alive on Saturdays and tourists and locals fill the cobbled roads. The markets are renowned for their vintage clothing and antique stalls as well as holding host to general bits and bobs. No matter your budget (thousands or pennies) you can find something unique and truly one of a kind in this gargantuan market.


Love! Best known for its African and Caribbean food produce this market is a good place to buy the best quality fruit and veg at bargain prices. You will also find a variety of cooked and prepared food from Ethiopian Injera to Jamaican rice and peas you are most certain to stumble upon some delicious cuisine. Market row and Brixton Village are lovely places to spend Saturday lunch in one of the various cafes or find some material or a trinket in one of their unique shops.

Covent Garden Market:

If you want a classy market (yes they exist) come here. Opera can be heard from the piazza and street performers are all around. You can find beautiful craft pieces and souvenirs amongst the stalls. This market also has the added benefit of being surrounded by designer shops- either for window shopping or actual shopping.

The beauty of London markets is that there truly is something for everyone no matter the budget.



Words: Yasmine Ravat



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