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Because we love to give you tasty reads to brighten your day, we decided to do another collaboration, featuring a photographer with a celeb! The exciting part is, we interviewed one of the most fabulous photographers Rob Gardner, who recently did a fabulous photo shoot with, guess who? That’s right, Miss Jamaica UK! We interviewed Miss Jamaica’s photographer and here’s how it went…Enjoy the read!


2-1What caught your interest to be part of the photography industry?

“I have always loved high end fashion magazines such as Vogue and other such tittles. I always loved the editorials and campaign pictures and wanted to be part of that or dreamed to be a part of that. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a good camera and enrol on a course that taught me the basics and from there I just got out there, networking and building my portfolio, and taking any good opportunities that came my way.”


Do you feel you have reached your career goals and aspirations by becoming the photographer you are today?

“Simple answer: no. I am always looking to improve and better my work or opportunities. My goal is to shoot a cover of a top magazine and work with the best people in the industry. I love to look back at old work every now and then, to see how far I have come, especially with the quality of work and attention to detail in my more recent work.”


Who do you look up to for inspiration? Do you have a role model?

“I get asked this a lot. I don’t really know loads of other photographers; I’m more inspired by individual images or editorials. I am a big fan though of Patrick Demarchelier: his style of work is exactly the quality I want to be capturing and aspire to get to that standard one day. I love the more commercial fashion photography more than the more unusual editorial work, so again his work in this area is amazing and a real inspiration.”


Have you worked with any other famous people?

“I haven’t worked with loads of other “famous” people. Last year, I shot with Chloe Jasmine, who had just come from the Face and more recently X Factor, which was a pleasure. I have worked with lots of models from the series Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model as well. I think though that a few of the models I have worked with and work with a lot, have a very promising future and could possibly be very successful and famous one day.”


Talk us through your experience with Miss Jamaica UK

“We had emailed each other about doing a test shoot, but could never get a date together. Then we managed to sort a date mid December. I was really looking forward to shooting with her, as I have always been very impressed with her work. The shoot was really relaxed and was a test shoot in essence, but we got some really stunning results. Rianna was an absolute pleasure to work with and we mentioned working together again in 2015, which I hope will happen; maybe this time on a more creative editorial shoot.”


What was the most exciting part?

“The whole shoot was exciting: we were able to all be creative and get some really good shots. It’s always nice to all come up with ideas and concepts, then put them in place and come out with some good results.”


4Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“I’d love to be shooting full time. I’d like to have built a decent customer base of brands and work with them on a regular basis, as well as being able to work on my own projects. I would like to continue to build my reputation and just be busy with constant exciting projects.”


If you were given the opportunity to work abroad, would you take that? If so, why and where would you like to go?

“Absolutely. I would love to work abroad. I would choose the top fashion spots as my ideal locations: Paris, New York, Milan etc., but it would be amazing to be involved in some commercial campaign shoots, ideally for the summer, so the Caribbean or Australia would be very appealing. At this stage though, even a trip to Scotland would be appealing.”


What are you favourite types of photo shoots and why?

“I love to shoot commercial fashion and portrait. I love very light, simple but effective fashion editorials. I’m a fan of the more complex looking images to look at, but I don’t think it suits my style, so I tend to concentrate on more natural shoots. I take a lot of inspiration from large catalogues. I love the simple style and the way the product / model is positioned or styled.

I also enjoy portrait work. I love working with my team of MUA (make up artists) and hair stylists and being really creative. I have been lucky enough to have a few portrait editorials published, which I find harder to get accepted by magazines than full fashion editorials, which I am very proud of. “


If a large, well established company chooses to recruit you as a senior photographer, would you take on the opportunity?

“I would have to think hard. Also, it depends on what is best for my family as well. If the company is established in the fashion industry and it is an excellent opportunity, then I would have to say I would take it, but that wouldn’t take away that my dream is to have my own successful business, working with my passion for photography and fashion. I’d like to think the experience within a large company would benefit my experience and skills and then further in the future, I could move out on my own with valuable knowledge.”


So that’s how the interview went, he is most definitely one creative soul! Lets take a looks at some of his snap shots.

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For more visit www.robgardnerphotography.com


Words: Varsha Devaliya


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