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German company LTG lofts has created an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient mobile living unit. Titled coodo, the flexible space can be installed anywhere and can be relocated at any time. The small houses are transported by a container truck and can be set up as quickly as a few minutes to a couple of hours.


Coodo 64


The gorgeous houses can move with you as you relocate around the world. Not only are they convenient for the user, but also the planet. The installation of the coodo leaves minimal impact on the land it’s on, and its electrical devices can be accessed and controlled solely from your smartphone.

In addition to living models, they also offer business and workspace models. Their website writes that it can be used as “an office, a meeting room, shop, bistro, pop-up-store, atelier or showroom” and more. For all houses, the buyer can adapt and individually choose certain furnishings and interiors. They offer a number of different models, even including a water coodo, and they are all offered in either grey or white. Find out more at


The watercood basic, coming soon.


Mobile homes seem to be increasingly popular, with something known as Tiny Houses – small houses on wheels – on the rise as well. Tiny houses are a bit different, as they come in “connected” models and “off grid” models. You can also choose to build your own or buy one already made, which can be custom built. These start at £9,995 and build your own starts at £6,500. These homes aren’t as modern at coodo, but are more cabin-like, and come in even smaller sizes. Find out more by visiting


A tiny house on wheels.


As houses are beginning to get smaller and smaller and house prices continue to rise, mobile homes are becoming a more appealing option. Not only are you investing in a more eco-friendly option, but you can also stay in this home forever, no matter where you live. The idea of having a home on wheels can solve the problem of travellers being away from home for long periods of time and having to stay in hotels or rental flats. Now, when you relocate somewhere, your house can come along too.


Words: Olivia Spring




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