From Nada to Prada: Sophia Amoruso and her Nasty Gal

Just as the title suggests, the nasty gal of fashion, Sophia Amoruso, started from absolutely nothing and managed in just ten years to create her own fashion business and a website helping young female entrepreneurs reach their own goals.

Being still very young and a community college dropout, Sophia was pretty much as lost as anyone could be at the age of 22. In her biographical book titled #GIRLBOSS, she narrates how meaningless jobs, the hard and broke way towards independence and out of your family house, can sometimes lead not only to landing your dream job, but also creating your own empire.



Her first job was in a Subway restaurant and she spent her early adult years hitchhiking, dumpster driving, and stealing. The very first item she sold was actually a book she has stolen as a teenager. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she discovered she had a hernia in her groin, which urged her to get health insurance and while attending the community college, she also worked in the Academy of Art University lobby checking student IDs.

No matter how brain damaging that job was though, it gave her plenty of time in the day to open her online eBay store by photographing, captioning, and shipping every vintage item that was for sale, using any information she could get from business books that she often had to steal, photography classes, and her friendly environment.

After her eBay store was banned in 2008, the do-it-all-by-yourself gal launched her own retail website, selling out on the very first day.  The Nasty Gal online store managed to attract a young crowd of female fashionistas, following Amoruso devotedly on her social media pages, which grew her business with revenues increasing from $223,000 to $23 million within a time frame of 3 years.



As you are reading this article, Nasty Gal has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram and a new website under the name GirlBoss advising young female entrepreneurs on various matters concerning social media networks, funding and loaning, and building your own business and making it successful.



What is more? Sophia’s life and ventures are now both a book and an original Netflix series. So if you are in need for a strong and inspirational female figure, Nasty Gal is your gal with plenty material to be watched, read, and followed.





Words: Elena Cami


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