Natty & The Rebelship: The Sacred Journey

When you look outside your window, what do you see? Whether you live in the city or the countryside, does your view fill you with inspiration or leave you craving more? Regular rain showers matched with a grey sky and concrete buildings don’t exactly enhance our spirituality, nor do they make us feel free. However, they do make us dream of the natural wonders of the world.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the truest natural beauties on this planet: a majestic location, to put it mildly. Beyond the world famous rainforest is a world full of spirituality, strength, and character many of us never have had the opportunity to experience. For those of us who aren’t globetrotters with enhanced connections to Mother Nature, a life-changing opportunity is out there!

Musician Natty (from Natty & The Rebelship), along with friend Shaolin and mentor Nii, is heading to the rainforest for two weeks, along with eight empty spots for two weeks. Aptly titled ‘The Sacred Journey,’ this 14-day trip, from the 7th-21st November, will be a spiritual awakening.

With visits to ancient and sacred sites, acoustic solo performances by Natty in the exquisite jungle surroundings, trekking and camping in the Amazon, healthy vegetarian food including jungle fruits like pineapple, papaya, and avocados, and much more, this is more than simply connecting with nature. This trip embodies the true meaning of self-reflection.


Natty & The Rebelship’s second album, Release the Fear, embodies the very fibre of living without fear.

Let’s flashback to 2016, when he headed out to the Amazon with good friend Nii. “I have always wanted to go, but in my mind, it was always out of reach, as I wasn’t ready or whatever ( the fear!), and so, what was just a dream turned out to be one of the most revealing and self-defining journeys of my life. Fast forward to Venezuela. I find myself on an early morning stroll away from camp in the middle of the jungle on the 2nd morning in the Amazon, thinking to myself… and here I am, releasing my own fears in the jungle, what a madness!”


To be a part of this trip, head over to the “The Sacred JourneyFacebook page to apply and get full details. As this trip is located in the jungle, it will be physically testing. For that reason, this is not first come, first serve but more finding the correct group of people to work with as a team against the sometimes-unforgiving nature of the rainforest.

“This trip is aimed at people who are already on a journey of self-discovery and want to connect with nature and the ways of the ancient people, and are ready to Release the Fear. However, for the real-life spiritual experience on this specific trip, the shaman Rufino has decided to accompany us. For this, we are honoured, as he is one of the most respected and powerful shamans in this part of the Amazon, as we came to find out ourselves on the last trip,” said Natty.

The successful applicants will be informed within a week.

The price of the trip will be found on the application, which will include all international and internal air tickets, ground and river transportation, all meals, hydration, lodging in traditional housing with hammocks and mosquito nets, guiatura, all ceremonies and medicinal healing, and money for the shaman and local communities.

Successful applicants are asked to bring:

Cash for purchases

Tent with waterproof cover

Sleeping bag

Hammock with mosquito net, tarpaulin, and cords

Mosquito/insect repellent

Personal medical kit including sunscreen and for insect bites

Yoga mat

Headlamp and lightweight torch

Water bottle with a purification filter

Clothes to bring:

Waterproof jacket

Lightweight trekking shoes

Lightweight trainers/sandals



Trekking socks


Long-sleeved shirts (tight to help prevent insect bites)

If this interests you, do apply ASAP. You just might get lucky and be there in the Amazon with Natty!

Words: Kemi Akilapa

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