New Year’s Resolutions That Never Happen: What to Do About It

The countdown begins, the clock strikes midnight, fireworks are launched into the sky, and as you watch the explosions of colour paint the night, you tell yourself all the things you’re finally going to do this year. One month later and everything you were so adamant to do plummets. They become good intentions and nothing more.


We’re all guilty of it. Whether it’s a lack of motivation or a simple loss of interest, your new year’s resolutions are put on the back-burner year after year. However, we think it’s finally time to drop all that nonsense and understand why we never stick to our resolutions and how to prevent it from happening this year.


1) Doing it alone


Not everyone can be successful going it alone. Whilst some of us are perfectly content going to the gym independently and reaching our goals, some of us find this incredibly difficult and prefer a gym buddy. Outside support is often needed to help us keep motivated.


There are times when you feel like giving up, and a voice cheering you on can make all the difference. Similarly, encouraging your partner to keep going can have positive effects on yourself as well. You can feed off of each other’s energy, inspiring one another. Find a positive force in your life and build an uplifting support system.


2) Unrealistic Resolutions


Maybe it’s not that you become unmotivated or lack the resources but simply that your resolutions are unrealistic. Whilst it is wonderful to want to solve world peace, this goal is just too big. On a smaller note, vowing that you will get a bodybuilders body by the time the year’s out when you’re one hundred pounds overweight will most likely not happen. Goals like this take a much longer time.


You need to ensure that you are setting yourself a goal that is obtainable in the timeframe you have chosen. This needs to be looked at inwardly, also. Resolutions require change, shifting behaviour and habits. Many of us don’t think about the actual depths of their resolutions until they start them. It’s important to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have the confidence to stick with your goal. Remember that it is much better to set yourself a smaller obtainable goal that will challenge you but also give you a good success rate over setting a big resolution that will most likely offer no success and knock your confidence.


3) No plan of action


Jumping in headfirst might seem like a good idea, but you’re really just going in blind and setting yourself up for failure.  It’s best to commit to a resolution that you’ve planned out.


Break up your end goal into smaller, weekly ones. This will feel less overwhelming and keeps the motivation flowing. Write out steps on a calendar and make sure to look back when you feel like giving up to remind yourself how far you’ve already come.


4) Lying to yourself


A lack of honesty can cause an immediate disconnect with yourself. Don’t just set a resolution because you feel you should or because someone has told you to do something. Resolutions are personal goals and an opportunity to better the person you were yesterday. Set resolutions you actually want to achieve.


5) Not believing in yourself


Something as basic as a lack of confidence can prevent you from pursuing your resolutions. It is important to constantly congratulate yourself on your progress towards succeeding. Even if it’s something small, each step you take towards your goal is an achievement.  Many of us see resolutions in black and white; if you’re not at the destination, then you haven’t succeeded.


Ensure you are focusing on your efforts and keeping a positive mindset.  Remember not to say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t to your loved ones or your best friend. Putting yourself down will only cause negative effects on your journey. Kill yourself with kindness and believe in your greatness.


What would you like to accomplish in 2018?



Words: Eloise Gallant


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