The Next Generation: The Children of Our Childhood Celebrities

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We must be getting old. It seemed only yesterday that the likes of Jude Law and David Beckham were thirty years old, with small and (largely to us) insignificant children. Suddenly, their offspring have sprouted up right into the centre of the public eye.

As models, Instagram stars, and general ‘It’ kids, the now teenage children of some of the world’s most prolific celebrity parents are trying to carve out careers and identities of their own.

The pressure on the children of megastars must be enormous.  Not only do they have to go through the same rituals as the rest of us, such as attempting to make our parents glad they had us, but they must feel an added pressure of wanting to impress the general public too. They must feel that urge to convince us that they are not merely idle rich things sponging off Mum and Dad who made their money and fame.


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For pretty celebrity daughters such as Iris Law, daughter of socialite Sadie Frost and actor Jude Law, or Lily Rose Depp, daughter of the world’s most famous pirate and his then partner actress Vanessa Paradis, the career plan is simple:  acting or modelling. For their male counterparts, it must be a little harder.  Brooklyn Beckham is a good example. Still only 17, Brooklyn has already tried his hand at both football and modelling, two endeavours that have since gone quiet. So with the end of his school years looming, what else is there to try?

The celeb children mentioned above all have the money and the contacts to become musicians or Hollywood stars if they wanted. But respect and reputation is something they must gain by themselves. Lily Rose Depp is one such celeb kid that seems to be trying to do this; she starred alongside Oscar goddess Natalie Portman in Planetarium, a French-Belgian drama, last year. Despite the film being panned by critics, the fact that an actress of Portman’s calibre appeared alongside Depp’s actress daughter does say something.


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If you look at previous generations of celeb kids, the odds of success do seem to be against them. It seems that all the inheritance and contacts in the world will not guarantee respect from the creative pillars of film and music. It appears that our society still values the underdog, those who have struggled and worked to achieve money, success, and fame. No matter how much we may love or respect the likes of Beyoncé or Johnny Depp, we often find the easy privilege of their children hard to swallow.




It begs the question: what sort of celebrity society will we end up with? Do we really believe the children of the Kardashians will be as famous as them? We will most likely end up with two celebrity groups: those who went from rags to riches (or simply normality to fame), and a separate group of children of celebs who get by on their parents’ money, and only a little fame that doesn’t seem to shine as brightly.


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Words: Annie May Byrne-Noonan


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