Nichlas – The successful tattoo artist

One of the most natural ways of gaining inner satisfaction and a sense of achievement and happiness is to follow your passions and aspirations. You can’t be successful without enjoying what you’re doing.

Former Law student, 29-year-old Nicholas, from Denmark, has now been in the tattoo industry for the past 5 years. Following his passion to travel, he chose to spend four years in the Philippines. Although tattooing is not a big thing in the Philippines, he still managed to continue tattooing there and garner clients.

He then progressed further in his tattooing career, and moved to London 2 years ago, where he also went “travelling and met some interesting people”. This led him to meet a local tattoo artist, who asked him to work in his shop.

Nicholas explains, “Tattooing is nothing you can go to university and study. It’s all about being the passionate artist. You build up a portfolio as a pencil artist or an illustrator or whichever type of artist you are, and you have to show off your work. Depending on how passionate you are, you then get taken on as an apprentice. Here, you begin to learn various techniques, as you start by practicing on pigskin. After having some great practice, you are allowed to express your skills on tattoo clients. Eventually, as you get better, you get bigger and bigger pieces of designs for more clients. That’s how you become a tattoo artist.”

Nicholas’ job function:

It’s all about “getting people’s thoughts from paper to skin”. Various tattoo clients have various different types of tattoos, either a meaningful tattoo or a trendy fashion tattoo. “People come in with very different ideas of what they want, and sometimes it can be difficult to produce the ideal picture, hence creativity is essential. There is never really a painting or a picture of what they want; with tattoos, people often want meaning into it or it needs to represent something without being the actual thing.” Sometimes, some tattoos can take up to 3 to 4 hours, and once that customer is satisfied with their completed tattoo, the artist then moves into getting designs ready for the following week, for the next set of customers.

Nicholas’ Tips:

“Build up a good portfolio with your art work, and once you feel you’re ready and you have enough to show off, then just go out there, and try find something. People will probably say no, but keep knocking on doors, go from shop to shop, and eventually, when you have the passion and the drive to do it, you will succeed”.

If Nicholas had the choice of choosing another career, he claims he would still want to remain in the art industry, but probably travel a lot more. He states, “If I could combine the two things, that’s what I would want to do”.

“Explore the world,” he says to end this interview.

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Words: Varsha Devaliya


  1. Nichlas so happens to be my brother and I can honestly validate this amazing artichle. I’m proud as can be and I love him to the moon and back. He’s always been an illustrator, thought outside the box, and just been over-all creative and FRESH to the scene!!!!!!!!!! It’s been a long time coming and I’m beyond happy to see his work finally getting credit where it’s due and after years upon years of hard work and just getting his name and what he can do, out there, he finally ceases to rise to the top!!!!!! And for all the hard work, all the thoughts into it, his incredible, INCREDIBLE heart, mind and spirit, he deserves this DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!! Lil’ Sis xxxxxxxxxx

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