Note to Self

Fashion is part of our daily air; it changes constantly. So, change! Break the barriers of the dictatorial uniformity and Internet masses.

You could be as interesting and as wonderful as you like. Why be dull and blah when you can be extraordinary and supernatural?  Improvise fashion like you’re scatting jazz.

Individuality seems a bit lost these days, style seems to be marginalised, and black seems to be the new uniform. Swerve the quick glimpses on Instagram and break the chains of rationality. Do not be a victim of mindless fashion, use clothes to confront and challenge, and utilise this platform to symbolise freedom of expression.

Contradict colours and ignore rules; a bit of bad taste goes a long way. Some people’s taste is disgusting to others, but it’s still their taste. No taste, however, is a lot less sympathetic.

Fashion is a channel for communication, a dialogue, an expression of one’s individuality. Nobody has the same fingerprint as you, so embrace your individuality and explore.  Go off with your camera and pocket full of change and don’t come back until you have 20 good pictures.

Pluck the strings of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, grace yourself with Jane Austen’s fortitude, and get lost within Michelangelo’s fresco. Indulge in the realm of books. Be a resident of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County, and ride a sad train with Anna Karenina. Go to art galleries and collect textiles. It’s all part of the collective consciousness of the creative state. It surrounds us and you are in it! What happens in the world around us and wherever the inspiration comes from, it’s important we remain absolutely faithful to our ability to explore.


Note to self: You’ve been forgetting just how special you really are.


Words: Jessica-Mia Stewart


Hashtags: #notetoself #individuality


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