Nubian Skin Introduces Moroccan Nights


Burlesque extraordinaire Dita von Teese has said, “I think that no matter what one’s fashion style is, there’s always a place for luxe lingerie underneath it all.” She was right. How many of us feel that extra piece of confidence when wearing a little seduction under your workwear?




The nude lingerie set has become the backbone of many women’s wardrobe. But for women of colour, it’s a lot simpler said than done. That was until Nubian Skin founder Ade Hassan walked in, to provide “a different kind of nude.” Inspired by trailblazing women, Eunice W. Johnson and supermodel Iman Hassan took a giant leap of faith and launched the lingerie brand aimed at women of colour to fill up the hole in the lingerie industry.




More than just “a different kind of nude”, Nubian Skin is launching their brand new venture: The Africa Collection. In its new collection, the brand presents Moroccan Nights, a limited edition luxury lingerie and sleepwear collection. They have taken inspiration from the Saharan and the Sub-Saharan region, mixing both the new with aged methodologies; the midnight sky and shadows of a balmy Moroccan night echo through the collection.




There is no one African image. It’s a continent 30.37 million km² large, with a population of 1.216 billion.  This collection challenges the perception of Africa. While in the past Africa was seen as the picture of charity, this Africa Collection is a celebration of the sophistication throughout the continent. The design, skill and technical knowledge bring a piece of luxury to us. In Moroccan Nights, each item in the collection is made in Morocco.




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The Moroccan Nights collection is available from Nubian Skin’s website.


Words: Kemi Akilapa


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