Office Dressing: How to Look Professional & Stylish

When it comes to office dressing, nothing can seem more mundane and boring. We tend to wear the same sorts of clothes to work every single day without thinking of new and creative ways to inject a bit of personality into our office wear. Here, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for how to make office-dressing look professional and stylish.



Pinstripes are the ultimate pattern and style that scream office-wear. It also has a very flattering and slimming pattern as the vertical lines of pinstripes give the illusion of making your body look even longer and slender. Try wearing pinstripe trousers with a stylish pair of black patent shoes to the office, or if you’re a pinstripe addict, wear both a pinstripe jacket and trousers at the same time to work to get yourself noticed!

Stylish Blazer

Traditionally speaking, blazer jackets used to be considered a masculine fashion item. These days, women wear blazer jackets just as much as men do – so why not try wearing one to work if you haven’t before? There are many ways to wear a blazer to make it look stylish, professional, and feminine. Why not try wearing an open blazer with a simple block colour top underneath? Or why not try the more classic look – the white plain shirt with a blazer on top to finish? Luckily, blazer jackets team up well with either a sophisticated pencil skirt or plain work trousers.

Printed scarves

Scarves are one of the best accessories to add to a work outfit – it can make a dull outfit look full of life instantly. They’re a small but really effective accessory and can be worn in different ways – tie around the neck in the style of a French twist for a more fashionable look. If you prefer the more casual look, throw the scarf around your neck and wear in the classic loop style for a more natural, effortless look. There are so many different fabrics, materials, styles, and patterns of scarves on the market so keep your options open to the diverse range out there!


Bold Handbag

If you’re a bag lover then you’ll be happy to know that wearing bold coloured or patterned handbags to work are very on trend. Clutch bags are great to wear to work, as they possess a very minimalist, neat finish which matches most people’s work attire perfectly. Try opting for a bright block colour like blue or orange – such colours look especially great if your clothes are darker in colour.



Words: Lucy Oben-Pepra


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