We are a fashion magazine for aspiring individuals, giving them a platform to showcase their talents and enter the fashion world. If there are two things we really believe in it is equality and diversity; both of which we constantly champion, through our writers and our content. We don’t see fashion as having boundaries and want to create a magazine that is unique and exciting to all.

We provide individuals with a magazine where they can be themselves and dream bigger but also be part of an organisation where there are no set boundaries. The only boundaries are the ones you set yourself, so don’t hold back.

Our team consist of creatively driven people, who are a cut above the rest and want to achieve something different and not follow the norm. We all stand for true fashion and we will strive our best to ensure that we deliver what we abide by.

For each issue of SANT Magazine, we put in our best efforts to be careful and thoughtful in what we present to you, our audience.

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Design: Mayya Saliba

Models: Sayo Shiba, Sarah Seini & Clara Schubert

Photographer: Roland Kunos


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