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It is almost a certain fact that many of us can agree that striking and aesthetically pleasing packaging is a guilty pleasure. Luring us to buy the product by the use of bright pinks or even clean and simple merchandise, we don’t really care about the products themselves. We would happily spend our hard earned pounds for a face powder by Chanel for one simple reason: the packaging is suggested to be attractive. The powder itself would have been tested over and over again proving that the product is in fact not more effective compared to a high street make-up brand such as Rimmel or Maybelline.


One could argue that some brands on the high street display a great range of professional looking products, with wonderful packaging that attracts the eye of a customer, such as women’s fashion brand & Other Stories, which produce a full range of beauty items priced very reasonably. The Swedish company’s aesthetic is simple yet stylish, with a great quality finish. Not only are the clothes fashionable and affordable in price, but the beauty products also reflect a similar purpose. The popular hand soap produced by & Other Stories is priced at a respectable £5. The essential product is cleverly created to appeal to a typical customer of the brand, with the use of warm green shapes in the style of leaves. The technique is pleasing and fits with the rest of the store and the idea of nature. Similar to the essential products, the makeup from the store has a clean finish, such as the metal lip balm, which ranges from dark reds to bright purples.



Similar to & Other Stories, KEVIN.MURPHY displays a chic amount of products as ‘skincare for your hair.’ The designs, which originated from Australian hairdresser Kevin Murphy, are unique and eye-catching with bold graphical shapes for the product packaging. The pastel colours create a feminine touch. An embossed K is visible, printed on the front of each bottle, promoting the brand with this discrete technique.



In particular, make-up has been using certain packaging strategies for years, with many women (and even men) buying their product as the outer aesthetic has appealed to them. Enter any department store, and the bright lights and colours from each beauty stall will attract a customer. American fashion designer Tom Ford proves that such brands will use their luxurious aesthetics even within their beauty products. Their lip colours are a hefty £40 in price, with the simple TF logo printed onto the product and embossed onto the outer packaging. The overall gold plated rectangular shape would look good in any cosmetic bag.


As an overall review, from the likes of high street brands such as & Other Stories, American cosmetic brands Dermilogica, Kiehl’s, Mario Badescu, and even design houses such as Dior or Tom Ford, all use a similar technique to widen their profits and consumerism. The products in terms of quality may fail to work as it is said on the bottle, yet the item will continue to be successful and sell thanks to the packaging.





Words:  Ellie Vallance


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