How to Prepare for British Summer!

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British Summer isn’t the most reliable. Sometimes the weather is hot with the sun shining bright, and other times it’s pouring down with rain, ruining Summer breaks for everyone. However, to help you get through Summers in Britain or Summers in general, we have come up with a few tips and tricks.


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You never know when the rain will start to spit or pour, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can purchase mini umbrellas, which won’t take up much space in your bag or clutch. This won’t weigh you down and you will have protection from the rain at all times!



Even though the sun is shining outside and you think it is a fantastic idea to step outside in nothing but your tank top midday, don’t always do that! You might be pleased with your decision at first, there may be days when it gets cooler in the afternoon, and the wind might start blowing. On these days, you’ll wish you had brought a light cardigan with you. The plus side to a light cardigan is that they can fold up to a really small size, so they take up less space.



When shopping for the summer seasons, it is always best to shop according to material. Look out for light cottons that will help circulate air and keep you cool during the hot days. Buying heavy materials such as leather will not only feel uncomfortable under the scorching heat, but will make you sweat a lot more than light airy materials. Also, look out for clothing with shorter sleeves – anything that will help you stay cool. A positive to this is that clothing made from lighter materials is usually cheaper!

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Now, I’m sure we can all relate to the stress of wearing makeup during summer months. The sweating makes your face look excessively oily, which results in everything sliding off by the end of the day. Also, wearing a face full of makeup everyday is just not practical at times, so we have some tips that will help you look and feel amazing at the same time.

Wear tinted moisturiser. This will provide coverage, whilst feeling light. Also, use waterproof products. Using waterproof products will make sure that it doesn’t budge from sweating. Focus on an area such as the eyes or lips to make them the centre of attention, rather than your oily T-zone. These are just a few things you can do to make sure you still look amazing throughout the sweaty summer months.



This is not beauty related, but it would be great to prepare yourself for the summer months by buying a camera (of course you could always use your phone) or buying season passes to theme parks, or even booking holidays!

Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying time by yourself or with friends and family. Take it all in and capture memories by clicking pictures and making memories by going out and doing different activities! There are so many summer festivals and theme parks that have good deals going as well so make the most of your time and enjoy it!

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If you have any other tips on how to survive the summer months than be sure to let us know by either leaving a comment below or tweeting us @SANTmagazine!



Words: Rusdeep Heera


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