Rebecca Louise Law: Flora

Based in East London, Rebecca Louise Law is an installation artist of the highest order. Specialising in artworks made with natural materials, particularly flowers, Law creates intricate installations and sculptures that play with the relationships between man and nature, and explore the way we look at and interpret flowers, beauty and decay.


The Canopy

Made of 150,000 mixed flowers including roses, hydrangeas, proteas and statice flowers, ‘The Canopy’ – a permanent piece launched in June 2016 – is an inverted landscape that covers the ceiling of the Eastland Mall in Melbourne, Australia. Suspended above the ‘beauty garden’, the preserved flowers delicately hang above passing shoppers.


Garten Installation

Law’s ‘Garden’ installation – made up of 30,000 mixed flowers and copper wire – was an upside-down garden that enchanted passers-by in Berlin, Germany, for the duration of its display in 2016. Flowers, like those in The Canopy, extended downwards, frozen in space as they progressively decayed.


Helipterum Sanfordii Sculpture


Encased in an antique brass cabinet, Law’s sculpture, Helipterum Sanfordii combined flowers and ethically sourced insects, creating a nature-scape that floated in its casing – a vivid expression of Law’s passion for change and preservation, nature and beauty.

Current installations of Law’s include ‘The Iris’, on display at Now Gallery, New York, from 3rd March – 7th May 2017, and ‘Le Jardin Préservé’ now exhibiting at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. Her gallery space in London is also open to all members of the public on Sundays.



100 Columbia Road,


E2 7QB

Open to the public 10 am – 4 pm each Sunday


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Words: Julia Gessler



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