Review: Pink Parcel Subscription Box

The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription to a box similar to the Birchbox and other beauty boxes, except this includes the essential items needed to get you through ‘that time of the month’. Not only do you get a goodie box full of treats and beauty products, you are also supplied with a variety of tampons and sanitary pads designed for your personal period. You can schedule it to be delivered just before you start so you are fully prepared for the week ahead.


The Process:


  1. Select a brand
  2. Choose your dates
  3. Receive your parcel
  4. Relax


‘Sign up and get a variety of tea, tampons, pads, something sweet and beauty products’



What You Get:


  1. For night: This comes with a selection of thicker pads suitable to wear during the night.
  2. For later: Loads of pads/ tampons to use throughout the day.
  3. For now: This comes with a cute black drawstring bag full of tampons and pads that you can take with you on the go.



The subscription costs £7.95 for your first box, including P&P, and subsequent boxes cost £12.99, so you can’t really go wrong! Especially when you have to spend money on those essentials anyway, you may as well treat yourself at the same time and look forward to your period.


Look forward to your period? Sounds stupid, but you really do have a new outlook on it knowing that you’re soon to get some goodies and essentials posted through your door to get you through the week.


For You:

The best bit is the selection of products that you get inside, which range from skincare, makeup, and edible treats. In the August box, those subscribed to the box were lucky enough to receive the following:


  • Sport FX cool-down primer
  • Kiwi eye slices
  • Nails inc. nail varnish
  • Kusumit tea
  • Phizz rehydration vitamin and mineral tablets
  • Silvina white chocolate crowns
  • Evo razor



Those who signed up for the September box looked forward to a chocolate brownie mug mix, Ciate nail polish, Laritzy lip pencil, Sebamed intimate wash, Peach and Rhubarb tea, Conditioning foot mask, and an Oval Make-up brush.


Grazia said, “Let’s not beat around the bush; your er, time of the month, is never a walk in the park. But this is where Pink Parcel steps in. Perfect for those who really get it bad around that time, or just to make Mother Nature’s visit a little more palatable.”


And it doesn’t stop there, as you will also receive a booklet full of information about the products inside, along with an envelope of offers and discounts.


Check out the website now to sign up.



Words: Steph Hazlegreaves


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