Review: Tetley’s Autumn Tea Range

This year, Tetley has delighted all of us tea lovers with a new range of flavours perfect for autumn and winter.

The range, which is called Indulgence, offers a variety of four different flavours which include Gingerbread, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint, and Spiced Apple.

Here at SANT, we have been lucky enough to test all of the flavours so we can give our lovely readers a lowdown of what it’s like and whether it’s worth spending your money on.



With only two calories, we couldn’t say no to these delicious brews. Our favourite, the gingerbread flavour, is made with warming spices of ginger to taste just like a scrumptious gingerbread man. What a perfect treat for this time of year!


Cookies and Cream


No one can resist diving into the cookie jar at this time of year. The perfect way to feel less guilty about this is to have a hot brew of Tetley’s Cookies and Cream instead.  Made with biscuit and creamy flavours, Tetley really has created the perfect blend.


Chocolate Mint


Every year, a box of After Eights is cracked open at Thanksgiving meals or Christmas dinners. So, sticking to the theme, Tetley has designed a gorgeous chocolate mint flavoured tea. Without being too overpowering, this blend of chocolate and mint really helps to clear the palette.


Spiced Apple


If this doesn’t scream Christmas, then we don’t know what does. For those of us who like to start the festive celebrations a little bit earlier than most, a cup of spiced apple tea is sure to get you in the spirit in the upcoming months. This splendid mix of black tea and spiced apple can melt any Scrooge.



Words: Steph Hazlegreaves


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