The Rise of the Alternative Bomber Jacket



The only thing better than owning a classic piece of fashion that never goes out of style is owning a classic piece of fashion that has been giving a make-over!

Despite currently being one of the most popular fashion pieces anyone can own, the bomber jacket (or MA-1 to give it it’s technical term) originates from the 1940s, when it was invented for use by fighter pilots in cold and confined cockpits at high altitudes. The dawn of air combat in the Second World War meant that men needed practical yet streamlined outerwear, and an alternative to the cotton, fur-collared B-15 style that was proving to be impractical. So, in came the MA-1 with a nylon body and knitted collar, which stayed relatively dry.


From its prime position in the 1960s and 80s punk era when it was worn with Doc Martens and cuffed denim, the bomber jacket has reinvented itself as a staple of many modern wardrobes and as an alternative to denim. It has featured heavily on the catwalk in recent years, with designers such as Victoria Beckham and Isabel Marant deciding to put their own unique mark on it, amongst others. Even Kanye West has jumped aboard the bomber-jacket-love-train with its inclusion in his ‘Yeezy’ line of clothing.


Despite the weather (finally) heating up a bit, our trusty cover-ups don’t have to move to the back of our wardrobes for the next few months, as they have proved to be an all-year-round accessory. However, it is the perfect opportunity to step away from the trusty military-inspired black/khaki hues that we are accustomed to and purchase a summery alternative that will look fab over a plain summer dress and sandals.

Take a look at our top picks and where to find them.

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  1. New Look Pink Floral Print Bomber Jacket – £29.99
  2. Topshop Ombre Sequin Bomber Jacket – £70
  3. Dorothy Perkins Petite Khaki Floral Bomber Jacket – £26.25
  4. Wearall Margie Floral Bomber Jacket – £25
  5. Zara Guipure Lace Bomber – £39.99
  6. Mango Satin Bomber Jacket – £39.99
  7. River Island Navy Print Bomber Jacket – £45
  8. Ted Baker Banwell Embellished Bomber Jacket – £26
  9. Stradivarius Tropical Print Bomber Jacket – £19.99


Words: Sian Kissosk


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