The Rise of the Instagram Mum

A large Instagram following is the new way to fame. Countless celebrities post pictures of their glamorous daily lives consisting of talk shows, award ceremonies, and glamorous holidays, and the likes flood in with minimal effort. Us regular folk have always been susceptible to a life we wished we had.

However, more recently there has been an increase of attention paid to those sharing their relatable, regular lives. Predominantly in the UK, new mums over the past few years have taken to Instagram to share their stories of parenting and adjusting to new – and slightly more chaotic – lives. Posting disgruntled pictures of kids having thrown their lunch over the previously spotless kitchen floor to more glamorous posts of a date night or a night out with girlfriends, relatable mums are the new hot commodity on Instagram and we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you.



Mother_of_daughters (Clemmie Hooper)   

Some credit is due here to the father of the Hooper family, Simon (aka father_of_daughters) who was the original sharer of their family antics. With one-year-old girl twins on top of two older girls, Anya aged 9 and Marnie aged 5, their family life is hectic, to say the least. A trained midwife and blogger (Gas And Air) who has recently published her first book ‘How To Grow A Baby And Push It Out’, Clemmie shares all the ups and downs of motherhood on her Instagram page. It helps that her girls are absolutely adorable too. With over 300k Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that Clemmie is leading the way in Instagram mum fame.


Clemmie_telford (Clemmie Telford)   

Coincidentally, a good friend of Clemmie Hooper is another Instagram mum and blogger called Clemmie. The pair bonded over their common interests and rising notoriety on Instagram. Telford has two young boys, who consistently stir up trouble and whom she readily posts about on her page. Like the other Clemmie, Telford started out with a blog entitled Mother of all Lists which she began while on maternity leave, sharing honest accounts of her experience with motherhood in the hopes that others could relate and find humour in the chaos. This has proven more than successful, with almost 40k Instagram followers and an ever-growing community of mums joining the conversation on social media.


Sarah Turner (theunmumsymum)

Describing herself as a ‘No.1 Bestselling Author, Freelance Writer, Mother, Blogger’, it is evident that Sarah has not let motherhood stop her from pursuing her talents. Living in Devon with two boys, Sarah wanted to put her experiences of parenting online when she felt that other people’s sugar-coated lives didn’t relate to her experiences. With two bestselling books and a popular blog, Sarah’s writing talent is evident and unstoppable. Sarah is motivated to take the pressure of the expectations of motherhood from others, with refreshingly honest posts and tweets about the good times and the bad.


These are just a few of our current favourite Instagram mums but there are countless more popping up each day, revolutionising the social constructions around parenthood and providing a great network of support to a new generation of mothers. These mums are proving that you really can have it all and that you don’t have to lose yourself when devoting your life to those little bundles of joy.


Words: Ellen Weerasekera



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