Sevda: The Bags That Speak a Thousand Memories

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so where does this leave a bag? Well, London designer Sevda professes the monumental significance of bags through her cinematic collection, as well as her zealous passion.
Creating her first sketches at just seven years old, Sevda always had a love for design. Mothered by a dressmaker, she was fortunate enough to see her 2-D images come to life. Undeniably, and perhaps subconsciously, this clearly bore a fascination and association with image, creation and imagination.

Just as these first sketches were entrenched in a beautiful story, Sevda believes she has and is determined to continue bringing the same to all of her pieces.

Born in Bursa, Turkey and studying textiles in Istanbul, Sevda had already been sculpted by a plethora of vibrant culture before she even arrived in the bustling chaos of London, which she descended upon in order to undergo further courses in design and textiles at the prestigious institute of Central St Martins.

Despite her magnitude of inspirations, Sevda attests that her handbags tell a story of London. Maybe this is because London, her residency, is for the moment her culmination of experiences. The rich and vivacious colours evidence that her London tale is a very happy one.
At September London Fashion Week (2016), the designer showcased her ‘Victoria’ bag. Although it’s available in a number of different colours, the most infamous one is probably the white with red pocket and navy overlay. Whether it is through its patriotic colours, or just its effortless sophistication, there is something about this bag that particularly resonates with the London lady. Its popularity is evident in the media – being featured in and admired by the readers of Quest, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Although all her designs are produced in London, Sevda is adamant to create her bags in Italy. She feels strongly about ethically sourced products and ensures that the finest materials are handcrafted fairly.

This time round, it was glorious to be greeted with many of the same classic designs, as well as some refreshing infusions. Since September Sevda has only grown, her luxurious scarf collection – although already bright and floral is truly budding and about to really take centre stage in the upcoming warmer months.

There is something mesmerising about a fashion designer who denounces fashion the way Sevda does, ‘I personally don’t believe in fashion.’ It is invigorating to see a fashionista so enraptured. As gorgeous as her garments are, Sevda knows the greatest power that they have is from the story and memories that they help both to create and conjure. This is a really exciting element which she brings to her collection – that fashion is to be fully enjoyed, not just merely worn.

Sevda has created her brand on three values: timelessness, uniqueness, and soul. Thriving to create something of endurance and worth, she wants something rare that tells a story. It is amazing to see just how Sevda has been able to capture her warmth and vivacity in her work. Her amalgamation of fashion, art, and experience is really captivating. It is wonderful that fashion is encompassing so much more than a mere image. We can’t wait to see how Sevda and her collection will develop even further and wish her every success for the future.

Words: Steph Ryan

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