Seven Struggles Only Girls with Curly Hair Know


Curly hair is on trend again but it definitely takes some work. If taming those curls gets you in a tangle, we feel you. Having curly hair is hard! From rainy days to restless nights, anything will make those kinks go crazy. Sure, we love the infinite volume and bounce our mommas (or curling irons) gave us but still, it’s not always rainbows and ringlets – sometimes it’s just frizz and frustration!

1. Humidity is literally the worst

It’s raining, so we stay indoors. What’s missing brunch with friends compared to that inevitable frizz fest? No one wants the Caribbean Monica look, never mind the bad Instagram pics to remind you of it. Staying away from even light drizzles never needs an excuse.


2. Scheduling hair washes to the second

Balance is key. Wash too often, and curls get dry – not washing enough summons the grease. Whether it’s every two, three or four days, your hair-washing timetable has been honed for years, at military precision.


3. Brushing isn’t an option

If burning hair didn’t smell so bad, you’d set every brush in the house on fire. It’s endless frustration – after tackling painful tangles – you’re left looking like Mufasa – if he was struck by lightning.


4. You’re scared of the shower plug

Because it looks as if a rat’s just drowned in it. You’re not worried, though; it’s only the vast amounts of hair shed every time you shower. Still, who wants to clean that?


5. Growing up was way harder

Blame Facebook. We know it’s not really their fault, but those candid shots during our ‘ugly duckling’ years – when gel or mousse was the curl tamer of choice – show shiny, bushy ponytailed times we’d much rather forget!


6. You have more hair products than Kim K has diamonds

Your bathroom is a gallery of 120 miracles for curly hair. From oils to creams, sprays to waxes, you’ve tried everything – and regret most of it. At least your sacred routine defines, fights frizz and moisturises – right? Oh wait. Kerastase just released a new conditioner. Who needs money for food anyway? Your next shower could be a life changer!


7. There are zero quick fixes

Gone to sleep with wet hair again? Might as well just shampoo and start again. Let’s be honest, that pillow dent in the middle of your head isn’t going to fix itself. But you can’t because your next scheduled hair wash isn’t until Thursday at 4:36pm. Why is life so hard?


Words: Mimi Davies


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