Shave your Innate Beauty

Ruth Bell before and after
Ruth Bell before and after

When it comes to having our hair cut, it actually seems that tragedy is going to befall us. Whether we’re convinced or not, we might end up wondering how to do it or even trying to figure out who we will look like, how we will feel and what people will say about the new hairstyle. Sometimes we just need to not think about it at all. If you want to have your hair totally cut, be brave and shave your hair as this will be Spring/Summer 2016’s main trend! And, what is more, having your hair cut could turn into a generous act.

When Ruth Bell was asked to shoot Alexander McQueen’s FW 2015 campaign, she didn’t expect the next question to be “Would you completely shave your head?”. Indeed, it happened and she didn’t think about it too long. Ruth donated her hair to Little Princess Trust, charity association producing wigs for children going through chemotherapy. With no doubts, this is a more sympathetic choice than just selling the hair for extensions production. By the way, the ‘McQueen’ campaign was a success and, since her brave and generous step forward, the 19 year-old British model from Dover hasn’t gone back to her previous hairstyle. As she revealed to ‘The Telegraph’, her agent started panicking while she was having her hair cut, certain that she had ruined Ruth’s career. However, the best was yet to come and the new look was just the right key to open more doors in the fashion world. From New York to Milan, stopping in London and Paris, Ruth has already walked the most glamorous catwalks such as ‘Versace’, ‘Etro’, ‘Lanvin’, ‘Isabel Marant’, ‘Gucci’ and ‘Anthony Vaccarello’. She was even chosen for new ad campaigns, like ‘Burberry’ and ‘Saint Laurent’.

Ruth Bell for Alexander McQueen’s FW 2015 campaign

Ruth Bell for Gucci


Ruth Bell for Etro
Ruth Bell for Etro


Of course, such an important decision has had significant consequences on her career, as well as on that of her twin sister May Bell, a professional model just like Ruth. The two identical sisters,who had shot many campaigns together for the likes of ‘Urban Outfitters’, were torn apart, but only in terms of modelling, of course. Even if they don’t work together as much as before, May Bell confirmed that spotlights are now separately focused on each of them, which they consider better for their individual careers.

Ruth and May Bell for Urban Outfitters
Ruth and May Bell for Urban Outfitters


Looking at Ruth’s hairstyle in a different perspective, she can also be considered as the example of beauty going beyond the stereotype of long curly blonde haired muses. The pictures portraying her before and after the cut show two slightly different shapes of face but still incredibly beautiful. The truth is in fact that nothing changed at all in terms of beauty because her innate nature doesn’t depend on her hair, it is still there, pure and untouched as it always has been. So, if you feel like pushing yourself farther than ever, just cut your hair and feel the adrenaline breeze. And if the cause that pushes you to cut your hair is much more serious, just remember that you will always be beautiful just the way you are. Hairstyle may change, but your innate beauty will always be intact inside of you.

Ruth Bell before and after
Ruth Bell before and after



Words: Federica Caiazzo


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