Spooktacular Soirée

With Halloween just around the corner, we can’t help but turn to seasons past for inspiration on the upcoming festivity. If you’re in a panic about your costume calm down and wait for your lightbulb moment.



Let’s face it, there are so many ways to join in on this crazy holiday without spending hundreds for a day of fun. First thing’s first, what do you want to be? So many decisions for only one day/night – the trick to being all that comes to mind is to simply spread out the festivities into a whole weekend of entertainment. Once you’ve taken care of that, have a look in your closet for basic items that you can modify. Whether you find black leggings that can be converted into stripped leggings or a brown suede dress that could be morphed into a Pocahontas costume with the help of accessories/ arts and crafts – anything is possible! Never under estimate the versatility of a body suit, it is literally your safe haven for executing a flawless Halloween costume. And don’t be shy of utilizing every piece in your closet to morph your next costume, yes that includes swimwear and bustier tops! You would be surprised by what a high waisted bottom or a more exposed look can do, with just the right pieces, it will work.


One key element in executing the quintessential horror costume is makeup and plenty of it! From using red face paint or even using glow in the dark paint to illuminate your costume, it never hurts to prepare for the unexpected. Now that’s not to say go ahead and venture out to ‘Sephora’ for the best products to execute your chosen look. If you don’t tend to use hues of yellow, blue and green in day to day life, it seems silly to buy them just for one night. Instead, consider face paint, inside each kit many provide a brush, which you can use effectively to accentuate every detail imaginable and it will only cost you a fraction of the price. A trick to ensuring that your creation lasts for the night is to put primer on before you apply your make-up, you wouldn’t want your evening of hard work disintegrate onto the floor. Play up your face and hair and everything else can be subtle, you don’t want to create a busy horror with too many variants in one costume. There are plenty of characters to from, whether it’s Disney, sexy vixens or someone a little more terrifying.


Take a look at some of our favourite celeb’s previous outfits for even more inspiration.


So, ladies, will you dare to scare or sweet to treat? You decide.


Duo Ensemble



Celebrity Ensemble



Disney Characters


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Words: Rachelle Kong



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