How To Stay Cool And Stylish In Summer

Not sure how to dress in the heat? Check out these easy tips to help you stay both comfortable and fashionable this summer.

Summer has officially arrived and as the weather keeps getting hotter, it can become quite difficult to decide what to wear outdoors. Let’s face it, even though we all enjoy the nice weather, none of us likes to stay outside in the humidity and become a puddle of sweat. But before you start looking for something practical, we have listed some easy tips on how to keep cool in summer without giving up your personal style.


Look for natural materials

ASOS Tiered Cotton Maxi Dress £35

First of all, it’s very important to choose the right fabrics. Try to wear natural fibres, such as cotton and linen. Not only these are super lightweight, but they are perfect to allow the air to circulate and leave your body feeling super fresh.


Invest in a hat

Reiss Constance Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat £50

Sun and humidity certainly don’t help your hair, so invest in a stylish hat to protect yourself from the UV rays. It will prevent damage and also help you shield your head and eyes from the sun. If you are looking for some ideas, straw hats are in this season!


Stay away from dark shades

Topshop Peplum Camisole Top £16

Dark colours are known to absorb heat, so it’s better to opt for whites and light hues that will help you beat the heat and add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Take this as an opportunity to experiment with prints and new accessories to make your summer fun and stylish.


Say no to tight clothing

Zara Linen Trousers With Belt £29.99

Swap your tight tops and denim for looser silhouettes that won’t suffocate your body. For example, give your beloved skinny jeans a rest and wear a nice pair of linen trousers. This applies to your feet as well. Let them breathe with a nice pair of sandals, such as fluffy slides, or vintage looking clogs and mules. You can skip layering; the only advice is to always bring with you a light jacket, just in case you get caught up in the unpredictable weather.


Don’t forget your beauty regime

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask £11

Last but not least, never forget to take care of your skin. Use gentle and natural products that won’t feel too heavy. Make sure to wear waterproof makeup and never leave the house without SPF.


Now you are all set to enjoy your summer!

How do you stay cool and stylish in summer? Do you have any tips?  Share them with us by commenting below or tweet us at @santmagazine.



Words: Ammy Putzu


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