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Although the weather during British summertime can be slightly hit or miss, you shouldn’t let your plans be ruined by a mere splash of the English rains. It can sometimes be difficult to find things to do when you’re limited to a small budget and don’t want to do much damage to your bank account, whilst also having to take into account the weather. Moreover, without the luxury of a holiday, either in the UK or abroad, there can be a large vacuum of space to fill. However, this collection of economical ideas to keep you busy this summer will be your saviour, and you won’t find yourself dossing around the house, wasting valuable time by watching television.

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Customize your clothes

Tie-dye t-shirts are super easy, and make a plain white t-shirt vibrant and colourful in an instant. Or you could try modifying old, unwanted clothes with embellishments, beads, lace or anything that you have on hand.

Take a trip to the beach

Although we British people aren’t blessed with reliable or warm weather, we still have plenty of beautiful beaches to make the most of. Appeal to your inner stereotypical Englishness, by eating fish and chips and ice cream on the sea front. Try bodysurfing or snorkelling, and make sand sculptures, all if the weather permits of course.

Picnic in the park

Gather a group of your best friends and take a trip to a local park. Enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding nature, bask in the sunlight (hopefully), play games and nibble on freshly prepared food from your picnic basket.


Become a tourist for the day, and take advantage of the free museums or events you have going on in nearby towns and cities. Many young people label museums as boring and dull; however, they really have so much to offer in terms of interest, education and culture.

Camp out with friends

Wrap up warm with blankets, pitch a tent in a secluded, safe place, and set up camp. Roasting marshmallows over the campfire and making s’mores undoubtedly wouldn’t go amiss!

Host a dinner party or BBQ

Make use of the abundance of fresh, delicious summer produce by inviting friends or family round for a dinner party. You could serve light salads, roasted vegetables and baked fish. Dessert can be a real showstopper, if you use freshly picked fruits to make anything, from crumbles to cakes, to warm fruit salads.

Mini road trip

Explore beautiful hideaways or spots you’ve never visited, if you’re fortunate enough to drive or have a friend who can. Blasting your favourite summer songs during the journey is optional, but recommended.

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Wake up a bit earlier or stay out slightly later, in order to experience these breathtaking views. They are completely free, and so calming and stunning, and such a simple idea, in order to enjoy your summer.


Benefit those around you, by opting to volunteer during your free time. There are countless opportunities, from animal shelters to elderly homes. Volunteering is such a fulfilling experience, enhancing both your own life and the lives of those you are choosing to help.


Document all of your summer adventures and treasure your experiences by photographing your days and writing in a diary. It is the perfect place to come back to in the future to relive the memories of your most jam-packed summer yet!

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Words: Ella Rhys-Jones

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