The Daring Trend 

Whenever a new season comes around, that is the opportunity for a trend to come to light. We are constantly surrounded by new fashion trends and inundated with what we should wear and when we should wear it. Trends are very important when it comes to fashion, as it enables the industry to identify what colours, looks, and styles are popular on different runways and how to communicate this with the public.

Over the past few months, there seems to be an ‘ugly’ trend. The items that are part of this trend are not deemed as conventionally normal. These items are usually worn to provoke some sort of reaction or to look different. The items that are part of this trend have also been deemed ugly because of the public reaction once they were released. All of the items have been subject to going viral, being controversial, and being hated on by many if not all.

The main items that are part of this trend are Topshop’s clear jeans, the Teva and Uggs collaboration, and the Topshop clear knee mom jeans. The Topshop Clear Jeans are trousers made out of full plastic, which retail at £55. The description is that the trousers are ideal for festivals and fancy dress parties. Topshop also suggested if worn with an everyday look, an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress would be best. The trousers are currently out of stock.

Another one of Topshop’s inventions include the clear knee mum jeans. The Topshop clear knee mom jeans retail for around £75. These trousers are currently branded as the ‘ugliest trousers in the world’.

Moving on to what is currently branded as the ‘ugliest shoes in the world’: The Teva and Uggs shoe. The fur-lined sandal-boot hybrid is an odd combination that makes us question if the person wearing it is hot or cold. The TevUgg hybrid is retailed at £134. They have been called footwear’s answer to the mullet.



Words: Seyi Adejori

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