The Death of Advertising

Advertising is annoying and constantly intruding in our lives, as ads pop up everywhere – especially online, and even more so when they appear in the middle of a video you’re watching. So they deserve to die and no one would cry over them. But will they?

Yes, advertising can be fun, entertaining, and educational. However, now that everyone can search for almost everything online, and can decide what they want to know, why do advertisements still exist and are even more ubiquitous?

Most people hate ads that are nagging, like a mum always trying to tell your teenage self off. Advertisements take up a considerable amount of space around us: if you rip out the advertising pages from a fashion publication, there might be less than half the volume left.

In fact, advertising is even more ubiquitous than you may be aware of if you think of it in a broader sense: promoting a product through marketing communication. Since the intention to sell is always there in the mind of business people, marketing efforts to expose products and services to the public are never-ending. Nowadays, brands are applying a softer call to sell, subtly and effectively influencing our behaviour.

Are pop-up stores cute and fun? They guarantee that you notice the brand and the products. And they triumph when you visit their website and are converted to a customer, maybe even a loyal one in the future. Archive exhibition in a museum is another smart way to elevate brand image.

In the digital world, sponsored content is found everywhere on social media, and appear more trustworthy since you might learn it from people you know, although maybe only virtually.

In fact, social media influencers have become “the brand” now since they are the new publicity. To build and maintain their personal digital image, they are now marketing themselves as a brand does. Some of them have ghostwriters to produce carefully curated content for them.

With Instagram taking over the fashion world, runway shows are now increasingly used by brands as a promotional tool to the public. Instant photos from runway shows spread like fire on Instagram, and the see-now-buy-now business model further showcases the brands’ intention to sell.

Moreover, it is never as random and coincidental as you think when you see advertising online too. With big data and your digital journey trackable online, everything is calculated carefully beforehand and advertisers have strong evidence to believe that you are their potential client if they reach out to you at the right time. So don’t have doubt, you are THE ONE. The one chosen for the ad.

So be wary, advertising lives on, only in a way undetectable to most of us.


Words: Yi Tang


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