The Sky Is My Ceiling

The sky is part of the house, and thus not the limit anymore in the case of Moriyama’s House. And Mr Moriyama is literally living in a bunch of cases. To be more precise, he lives in clinical white cubics that form a community in which his family, as well as several tenants, reside. Fortunately, we may experience his unique residence, as Moriyama’s House is replicated in life-size for the Japanese Architecture exhibition at the Barbican Centre.



The idea of Moriyama’s House is as simple as to create a living space inside a forest in the busy city. All boundaries are thus challenged in Moriyama’s House. The line between neighbours is blurred, as they live now ever closer than before, considering that there are no walls separating the neighbours. The line between nature and culture is blurred since the house is built amongst the greenery and branches of trees stretch all the way inside of the cubics. The line between public and private is blurred, when the postman could walk straight into the garden and hand the mail to the owner sitting at the edge of the first floor.



And so is the line between a concrete ceiling and the sky. Think of standing on the highest cube of the house and reaching out to the sky, and it is not hard to realise that the ceiling is merely an imaginary construction.



Moriyama’s House is certainly not the only architecture introducing an alternative way for the dwellers to connect to their surroundings. House Na by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is another proof. The owners are a young couple who wish to live like nomads in their limited space, so the house itself, comprised of smaller units, is a unity of separation and coherence.



And there is the roof house designed by Tezuka Architect. The roof is essentially an extension of the living space, as a variety of facilities catering to different needs of each member in the family can be found; therefore, taking a shower, having dinner, swimming in the pool…or building yet another house on the roof! So really, there is no limit. Not when the sky is your ceiling.



Words: Yi Tang


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