The White Shirt

In an era of constant acceleration, it’s fundamental to retreat to primal basics. A classic wardrobe staple that you’re able to depend on which upholds the brazen yet most demure look accessible.


The iconic white shirt has seductive and feminine qualities. The fact that a garment withholds so much power and strength sets it apart from the rest. Whether you knot, tuck, or free fall, the white shirt upholds a sign of power, where masculinity and femininity manifest simultaneously. It evokes the inspiring notion of a blank canvas, yearning to be written upon with endless possibilities, allowing you to feel exactly how you want to feel, with stylistic justification.


The white shirt may not be stimulating to the senses, but it enhances equality and humility to those who wear it. Whilst some consider it to be traditional corporate attire, to others, it is a stylistic hero. Surface textures, intricate cuts, meticulous structure, and neglected details of delicacy are all reasons to contradict the notion of a mundane garment. Ignore the sartorial rules prescribed by gender and enter the realm of gender fluidity.


Proving that the white shirt never goes out of style, Esteban Cortazar, Paul and Joe, and Thom Browne gracefully incorporate the wardrobe staple in their SS18 ready-to-wear collection consistently to bless the catwalks with an abundance of new styles: cropped, chopped, and oversized, signifying strength and effortless sexuality. Masculine and beautiful do not normally coincide, yet they are apparently best paired together. It glows with the knowledge of its own stylistic significance.



Words: Jessica- Mia Stewart


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