Why We Think Dolls Kill is Killing It


From emoji nipple pasties to all over sheer dresses, Dolls Kill has got all of your unconventional fashion needs covered. With 1.1 million followers on Instagram, it is clear to see that this American online boutique is taking the alternative fashion world by storm. Let’s take a look at their unique approach to representing the variety of women’s styles and personalities, and their encouraging message of embracing individuality.

Since 2011, the co-founders of Dolls Kill, Shoddy Lynn and Bobby Farahi, have based their website around the innovative concept of using five different “dolls” to symbolise five individual styles: festival, rave, gothic, kawaii, and punk. The “dolls”, or collections, are embodied by models with bold looks – from no hair to long lilac locks – and edgy fashion choices. Each one is accompanied with a description of the personality or lifestyle, which corresponds to their unique clothing style.


It’s time to meet the dolls.

Willow: Festival Fashion

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Described as “laid-back”, Willow represents those of us who are free spirits and adore the comfy-yet-trendy hippy look. Clothing items and accessories in this category include: a loose-fitting dress with a wild daisy print, a pair of tie-dyed tights, and a leg chain (or thin metallic garter) with spiked charms.


Kandi: Rave Clothing

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Kandi “lives for late nights and flashing lights” and her style appeals to the girls who love standing out on the dancefloor in brightly-coloured clubwear. Clothing items and accessories in this category include: UV neon mascara, different pairs of rainbow platforms, and colourful beaded bikini tops.


Mercy: Gothic Clothing

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The “dangerously dark” and “mysterious” Mercy could be likened to Amy Lee, vocalist of the rock band Evanescence, as her look is gothic chic. Clothing items and accessories in this category include: a black vinyl knee length dress, black lace garter leggings, and a vegan leather backpack featuring a light-up pentagram sign.


Coco: Kawaii and Japanese Fashion

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Obsessed with all things pink and kawaii (meaning “cute” in Japanese), Coco is “the ultimate fembot”. Her fashion choices are for the girls who are interested in an edgy spin on the Sweet Lolita trend. Clothing items and accessories in this category include: pastel-coloured, floral long sleeve dresses, an all over sequin halter jumpsuit, and a holographic crossbody bag in the shape of a cloud.


Darby: Punk Clothing

Pic 5

Darby is a rebel at heart, and if you tend to wear ripped tights and your favourite band tee, then her look is for you. Clothing items and accessories in this category include: black leather studded boots, safety pin earrings, and a Black Sabbath studded denim jacket with lace-up sleeves.

By selecting this eclectic mix of styles, and providing every item you could possibly need to show off your inner “doll”, Dolls Kill are recognising the diversity of women’s fashion choices and cultural influences, and supporting the freedom to express yourself through clothing, no matter how unorthodox or provocative it may be.

We think this attitude of encouraging originality and personality in the fashion world sends a positive message to the young female audience that the website is targeted at; it lets girls and women know that they don’t have to conform to the mainstream expectations of appearance, and instead are able to embrace their personal style preferences and have fun experimenting with the rebellious and conspicuous options that Dolls Kill offers.

Any item you choose from this boutique is sure to get you noticed, whoever and wherever you are, so we suggest you start browsing and find your doll at www.dollskill.com.


Words: Danielle Wing


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