Tips On How To Be A Parisian By Four Incredible Ladies

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Ever since the beginning of modern fashion as we know it today, and even before then, there is always one place that comes to mind when thinking of magnificent clothing and haute couture: Paris.

From the extravagant clothing and hairstyles of Queen Marie Antoinette to the beautiful simplicity of a little black dress, How to be a Parisian gives you an insight into the extraordinary experience of living in the capital of clothes and culture.

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Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Anne Berest begin the book with “Fashion rules the world and Parisians rule fashion”, and although it might not be totally true, “the world still needs fairytales”.

However, this book is not one more fairytale and, of course, Paris is not only about fashion. As the ladies put it in the introduction, “Parisiennes are not really perfect. In fact, they are vague, unreliable and full of paradoxes. But they are also funny, attentive, curious and ironic, and they know how to enjoy life.” A rather female sided book, especially if you consider that it is written by women, it touches mostly on female figures such as Simone de Beauvoirs, Coco Channel, and Madame Signorets. Women who lived, created, and thrived in Paris, learning and teaching the rest of the world what a woman needs to be: classy, cultivated, and loving.

Apart from the positive aspects, the Parisians are willing to give you some advice on how to deal with bad habits including men, marriage, parenthood and friendships. According to them, the ideal man is someone you’d rather think of reading a book than lifting weights, he’s funny until he disappears, and although he might not be perfect, he is real. If you want to make him think that you have a lover so that he becomes jealous, there is a list of advice you might follow, as long as you maintain your integrity and class, bien sûr!


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The wedding day Parisians long for is a thought that will never be revealed openly, since true women don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love, or make them stay together forever. Just in case it is unavoidable, since wedding dresses tend to be too tempting, the Parisienne is always the one to propose to the man of her dreams.

That is because Parisians stay true to themselves even when they become wives or mothers. A Parisian lady owes it to herself to remain a true individual. She might be a loving mother, but she will never be a perfect one. No matter what, the Parisienne is first and foremost a lady and, as any woman, she might not be perfect, but as long as she tries hard, even when it seems effortless, it’s enough to make her perfectly adorable.





Words: Elena Cami


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