ToiletPaper Magazine: Genius and Salacious

Imagine a magazine so cool-looking that it is almost painful to read. Well, you actually don’t need to because it already exists. ToiletPaper is an absurd and demented art/fashion/design publication created by Italian artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.



In between an art book and a magazine, ToiletPaper is full of unique artistic projects with no (terrestrial) equivalent. As an image-only magazine, it aims to get into the reader’s head via today’s most powerful and widespread mean of communication, images. Though it might be confusing sometimes, every single photograph is part of a carefully well-designed and well-thought artistic construction.



Each issue feels like a strange journey in a brain, offering a special access to the artists’ overwhelming imagination. Everything is strangely yet accurately staged, forming beautifully executed tableaux vivants.



Both sophisticated and absurd, it creates an imaginary world inspired by the real world to denounce its deviances. For through its provocative imagery, ToiletPaper is meant to disturb.

Combining attractiveness with ugliness, it exposes but also criticises the foibles of our modern society. Using and distorting the codes of fashion and commercial photography, its photographs explore and materialise this contemporary obsession with images. They criticise a society based on appearance, superficiality and consumption through an unlimited use of saturated colours and daring montages, never afraid of kitsch.



Drawn into this psychedelic world, not so far from ours, ToiletPaper will make you think, talk, and reflect on many things, taking you from feelings of disgust and shock to awe.

Both troubling and unsettling, ToiletPaper is a work of art in itself that never ceases to expand from one issue to another. Plus, being a magazine, ToiletPaper can be massively distributed via a format available to everyone, which is salaciously cool.


You can order your issue or go visit their insanely cool website until you have enough.



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Words: Pauline Schnoebelen


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